SuperBowl score 2012: Live Giants vs Patriots coverage and updates (Second quarter)

Super Bowl XLVI is well underway today (Sun., Feb. 5, 2012) from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, featuring the NFC Champion New York Giants taking on the AFC Champion New England Patriots.

The first quarter is in the books and featured the Giants absolutely dominating most of the action. Tom Brady made a rare mistake leading to a safety and Manning and company capitalized on their ensuing drive to give the Giants an early 9-0 lead.

New England was driving to close the first quarter, though, and are threatening to score.

A live blog with updates from the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVI is after the jump. Remember to refresh often and enjoy the game!


Geno here.

The Patriots have it at the Giants 17 and are threatening.

1st and 10: The Pats came out in the shotgun again and Brady hit Aaron Hernandez on a quick out to pick up a few yards.
2nd and 8: A no huddle play leads to a draw to Green-Ellis up to the 11 yard line or so.
3rd and 4: Brady had his pass batted away by the super athletic Jason Pierre-Paul to force a field goal attempt from Stephen Gostkowski. This was a big stop for the Giants here.

Gostkowski booted it in from 29 yards away to put New England on the board.

NY Giants: 9, Patriots: 3

The ensuing kickoff went too far into the end zone for comfort and the Giants downed it for the touchback. They'll start this next drive at their own 20-yard line.

1st and 10: Manning finally threw an incomplete pass, his first in 10 attempts so far in this game.
2nd and 10: Jacobs got back in the game and just straight up bulldozed his way through the defense with an 11-yard gain for a Giants first down. New England is going to have to get tough to win this game.
1st and 10: From the shotgun with a low snap, Manning tried to hit Bradshaw in the flat, but the running back lost sight of the ball and couldn't come up with it. Travis Beckum, a Giants tight end, was down on the field clutching his knee after the play.
2nd and 10: Finally, the Pats defense got big and dragged Jacobs down with some force after just four yards. Big third down upcoming.
3rd and 6: Manning had all day to throw and went over the middle to Nicks for an 18 yard gain. When he's on his game, that man is essentially uncoverable. The Pats just don't match up well here.
1st and 10: Play-action and another shot down field for Manning resulted in an incomplete pass. The Giants fans wanted a pass interference call and they probably should have got one. To make matters worse, New York was flagged for 12 men in the huddle and a five yard penalty.
2nd and 15: A draw inside to Bradshaw went nowhere with New England swarming to the ball like bees at a hornets nest.
3rd and 15: Operating with two backs next to him in the shotgun, Manning found Bradshaw on a flat route that picked up 11 yards. They'll punt to Wes Welker.

The punt went into the end zone for a touchback and the Patriots will start from their own 20-yard line.

1st and 10: Once again, Pierre-Paul got his big hands up and knocked down a Brady pass. That's going to happen all day long.
2nd and 10: Danny Woodhead got a handoff and ran inside to the 23 yard line for just three yards.
3rd and 7: Welker makes a catch very, very close to the first down marker. It looked like it may have been a first down on first viewing but the replay showed the referees got the call right and the 6 yard gain results in a punt.

The ensuing punt went all the way to the Giants 23 yard line where they will start their next drive.

1st and 10: Bradshaw found some room inside and picked up a few yards before running into Jerrod Mayo.
2nd and 5: The Giants went back to the well with a play-action flat route to the fullback that got them another first down. That's been wide open all day for them.
1st and 10: Bradshaw up the middle picks up three.
2nd and 7: They got back to Bradshaw up the middle again and he finds space for an eight yard gain and another Giants first down, number 12 of this game for them.
1st and 10: Manning on a play-action found Bradshaw out of the backfield up to midfield for eight more yards. Remember, this Patriots defense was historically bad this year.
2nd and 2: The big man Jacobs comes in as the short yardage back and picks up a couple to make it a manageable couple of inches.
3rd and 1: Sure enough, they went back to him and he just plowed through the line, this time for eight yards. Unfortunately, the Gaints were flagged for holding. That's a big mistake.
3rd and 11: Manning took a shot downfield to Mario Manningham but the coverage was solid and Manningham couldn't make a play on the ball, though it was a damn good pass. That holding call killed what was shaping up to be a very good drive.

Sean Weatherford angled a kick and coffin corner punted it out of bounds at the Patriots four yard line where they will star this next drive.

1st and 10: As if they haven't been shooting themselves in the foot enough, the Patriots were flagged for a false start.
1st and 12: The Giants blitzed heavy and Brady got rid of it quick to Welker for a seven yard gain and some breathing room.
2nd and 5: Woodhead got another carry and he did his job by picking up six yards and giving New England a fresh set of downs.
1st and 10: Though it took until three minutes to go in the second quarter, Rob Gronkowski finally made his first catch of the day a big one, going for 20 yards.
1st and 10: Woodhead came back and picked up four yards before running it down to the two-minute warning. The Patriots are moving the ball well and have all three timeouts with the ball at their own 39 yard line.
2nd and 6: Brady hit a quick out to Aaron Hernandez and got it up to the 49 yard line.
1st and 10: Once again, Brady hit Hernandez. The ball came out shortly after he was hit but he was ruled down by contact before the ball came out. Looked like a good call on replay.
2nd and 2: Woodhead came out of the backfield for a first down catch but another flag was down and they popped the Patriots for holding. Backbreaking penalties like that are game killers.
2nd and 12: Brady hit Hernandez yet again on the outside for an eight yard pick up. The good news is he got out of bounds to stop the clock without having to kill a timeout.
3rd and 4: And yet again, Hernandez makes another catch to move the chains. He's a big match-up problem for these Giants linebackers. This hurry up is killing New York.
1st and 10: They go with an inside handoff to Woodhead that results in just one yard.
2nd and 9: Brady with all day to throw finds Welker, who makes it to the marker for a first down up to the Giants 22 yard line. Finally, with 28 seconds left in the half, the Patriots use a timeout, their first of the half. They have two remaining.
1st and 10: From the shotgun, Brady found Woodhead on the outside for a first down pick up of 10 yards. He even got out of bounds.
1st and 10: The Giants came with a blitz but Brady beat it Woodhead. A flag was thrown on the Giants for offsides but it was declined because the Patriots picked up eight.
2nd and 2: With 18 seconds remaining in the half, they gave Woodhead a play on a draw and Jason Pierre-Paul came barreling through unblocked to make the big stop. Timeout Patriots.
3rd and 3: The Giants failed to get any pressure on Brady and with all that time to throw, he found Woodhead in the end zone for the TOUCHDOWN.

Patriots: 10, Giants: 9

That was a 96 yard drive (98 including the penalty), which ties for the longest drive in Super Bowl history. What a huge swing from the first to the second quarter in this game. Brady doing everything he can to make up for his uncharacteristic mistake on the safety.

The Giants down the ball to take it to halftime a one-point game.

Patriots: 10, Giants: 9

Make sure you head over to our third quarter post to keep up with all the action by clicking here.

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