Nick Diaz is not a top Welterweight

A lot of people call Diaz a top WW, some where even calling him the best WW out there, and only second to GSP. Everyone was hyped for a Diaz GSP matchup due to the belief that Diaz could actually legitimately cause big problems for GSP, and land the win against GSP to go on to become the undisputed WW champion of the UFC. But the real issue is from where people are getting such ideas? Why has Diaz been rated so highly? Is he really that good? Has he done anything to prove he is worth the acclaim? Has he gone on to beat and decimate high calibre elite fighters in his division? The answer to all of this NO, I mean let's just take a look at Diaz' list of wins before he lost to Condit:

-Bj Penn (not even a WW)

-Paul daley, (lol, get real)
-Evangelista Santos, (Average fighter, not elite class)
-Kj Noons (lol, get real, and Noons isn’t even a WW is a LW)
-Hayato Sakurai (another average fighter, not elite, plus he was a 2 fight losing streak, and would go on a 4 losing fight streak)
-Marius Zaromskis (another average fighter, not elite)
-Scott Smith (lol, yeah, move on)
-Frank Shamrock (A fighter past his prime and peak, and also fighting outside his established weight class)
-Thomas Denny (lol, get real)
-Mushin Corbbrey (same as above)
-Katsuya Inoue (lol, a top elite fighter eh)

So let's get real, Diaz has not fought and beaten any legit WW, he came up against a legit WW in Condit and lost, Diaz is not an elite fighter, and there is nothing to show otherwise. Diaz never stood a chance against GSP, it's almost an insult to even think he was on GSP's level when you compare the list of fighters GSP has currently beaten to those of Diaz, all Diaz had was a big mouth and a hype train behind him.

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