Video: UFC 143 predictions from NFL stars Eli Manning, Jerry Rice, Von Miller and more

Because we know you're wondering what players from the NFL, both past and present, are thinking of tomorrow night's UFC 143: "Diaz vs. Condit" main event in Las Vegas, we present you with a video featuring predictions ranging from Eli Manning to Jerry Rice to Kurt Warner.

Manning -- who will lead his New York Giants in the Super Bowl this Sunday night against the New England Patriots (and I'm covering it right here on, Maniacs) -- is rolling with Diaz:

"I gotta go with Diaz. You know, he's a tough guy. Coach Sullivan -- our quarterback coach -- is a big fan, so he's been talking him up all week so, I think he's swayed my decision, so I'm going Diaz."

Who are the rest of the current and former pros taking? If you can't watch the video or would rather read their picks, hit the jump for the text.

Michael Strahan:

"I'm going to tell you who's going to win the Diaz-Condit fight. I believe it's going to be Diaz. I mean, he's aggressive, he's young, he's hungry, he's long, rangy, powerful and the biggest thing (is) he has an incredible motor. He doesn't slow down. It should be a great fight and good luck to both fighters."

Dhani Jones:

"Condit's going to win this fight. You know why? Because he's a 'Natural Born Killer,' he's a scrapper. He's the only guy on the mat, that's what's up. Yeah."

Jerry Rice:

"I think Nick Diaz is going to win that fight because you know what? He's going to bring the hammer."

Von Miller:

"I think Diaz, he's going to pull it off. He's been competing at a high level these last couple of fights. I want to see Diaz get it."

Warren Sapp:

"Nick Diaz: Do what I do to the quarterback -- kill 'em! It's just that simple. Kill 'em! Nick Diaz, love you."

Kurt Warner:

"Being an underdog myself, I gotta go with the underdog, Carlos Condit. He's a tenacious, blue collar guy, going to stalk his prey, going to come after him, going to beat him down. I'm going with the underdog."

That's five votes for Diaz to just two for Condit. Does the majority have it right here? And who amongst these footballers sounded like they knew the most about the sport of MMA?

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