An important message for readers

Who has a better community than MMAmania?


That's one of the (many) things that makes this site so great. Unfortunately, a few bad apples are beginning to spoil the bunch, and like a bad case of impetigo, the scabs are turning up everywhere.

For starters, it's enough with the pictures.

Humor is all about timing, and a well-placed and funny pic can be gold. But does every joke require four or five pics with the same punchline?

No, it doesn't.

Use pics and use them well, but don't photo-bomb the threads. Aside from making the post messy and hard to load for our mobile users, more often than not, they just aren't as funny as you think they are.

Trust me, I've bombed enough times to recognize it when it happens.

There is one post that is the exception to this rule and that is our weekly Friday Fun Post. That post, by design, is where you can go crazy with pics, gifs, jokes, whatever, that's why it's called a fun thread. Bombs away!

If there are threads or posters here you don't like, ignore them. Gathering up the posse to try and run them out of town is not how we do things. You can't enjoy the freedom to do and say what you want -- then try to take it away from someone else because you think they're gay/stupid/trolling/not as cool as you.

I like everyone here. I do. But I will ban you if you can't play by the rules, regardless of how popular you are, how long you've been here or how may comments you have. A couple of you have already gotten MULTIPLE warnings and you play nice for a day or two, then go right back to the nonsense.

This isn't a frat house.

We get all kinds of visitors to this site, so we have to try and make it a place where everyone can feel welcome. Let's have fun, be respectful and try to find a way to express ourselves without using Google Image Search.

Thanks for making the effort.


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