Training Camp? Here the Nova Uniao Approach


Congralutions to The NEWEST BJJ Blackbelts at Nova Uniao!!!

I am Tomas Taverin, I'm am 19 years old and I spend my time training at Vega Muay Thai, home of Muay Thai fighter Brazilian born Seridas Vega. I also spend time training at Nova Uniao and Elite BJJ(Sister Camp of Brazilian Top Team). I am 5'6 and fight in the 135lb weight division. I've been training since I was 6 years old, because I wasn't old enough to date, My Uncle's a Gym Rat and he's all I got so I figured why not? I'm a Muay Thai Kickboxer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighter.

While reading most of the comments on this website, one comment or statement that keeps coming up is(indirect quote) Nova Uniao guys have really good take down defense, and someone questioned Nova Uniao's approach to this and magicmike said simply; ask CA he trains their. So I will tell you guys since this is a question you're all interested in and create a picture for you as clear as possible.

This will be centered mostly around BJJ and Wrestling techniques used at Nova Unaio so Join me and Nova Uniao after the Jump.

First view this video of the time, that boy Gray Maynard spent time down in Nova Uniao below,

Jose Aldo training and sparring with Gray Maynard for his UFC fight with Chad Mendes (via JackoMMA)

Okay Tomas and you had us watch this video to see a sparring session because? Well Simply because throughout this entire video their is a repetitive act going on, what is it? Watch at 0:50 of the video as Gray shoots in on Aldo and Aldo fights for his damn life trying to keep this 190lb man from getting on top of him and controlling him.

Sparring sessions are based of consistently light attacks only used to land precisely in training without trying to injure one another, EXCEPT for takedowns, For example if your trying to take me down in an MMA sparring match in Nova Uniao I will do whatever it takes to stuff you with or without technique. If the gameplan is to not be taken down then why on planet earth would you be light sparring Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Wrestling take downs? The technical aspect of stuffing a takedown means nothing if you're unwilling to try to plow through your own training partner. In Nova Uniao grappling is not taken lightly and will be executed force fully with as much implicated technique that you can possibly use.

Notice throughout the entire video, every single time that Aldo stuffs a take down he does it prematurely and sticks both legs back as quick as possible while capitalizing on Gray, Marlon or John's timing and making sure that he gets their first.


Watch how Edgar hesitates and stands right in front of Sherk after his first strike was telegraphed, and look how easily Sherk dives right through Edgar's strikes and gets him down while timing Edgar's second punch in which he let Sherk read his movements for 2 seconds and ended up on his back for a brief moment.


Watch Aldo stuff Mendes as he knows that any one time that he goes in for a significant strike that Chad Mendes will initially shoot for a take down as Mendes has done so many times.


My brother Ronny Markes gets a take down in this gif on highly regarded NCAA Div. I wrestling champ Aaron Simpson. Why because he was two times stronger than the A-train and because he use a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu orientated take down on a wrestler. At Nova Uniao we practice more BJJ orientated moves then we do wrestling, but manage to keep wrestling as a back up plan whether it be stuffing the take down or getting it. The Trip Ronny used is extremely reminiscent to the one that Hatsu Hioki used on Bart Palaszweski is his last fight, It appears noticeably that wrestlers still FAIL to Effective Bjj Grapplers who still use BJJ orientated take downs on wrestlers to get them down instead of simply trying to "outwrestle" a wrestler.

At Nova Uniao we play the wrestling game no doubt, but our true expertise lies in applying all facets of grappling to accumulate a simple take down or say mounted triangle choke. We grapple hard and do not leave any soft spots for anyone willing to hold us down, as Gray Maynard soon found out.

Hope that helps you guys to know things from my perspective a little bit more, Feel free to ask questions and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

O yeah, Californication; if you're reading this, I'm waiting on you to give me my signature & Patrick I forgot the question you asked about Hacran Dias, but I forgot.. refresh my memory.

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