The Pride's Middleweight Rankings



What's up Maniacs?

I was looking at the sbnation rankings and I agreed with most of it, however one division completely threw me off. The Middleweight division. I didn't really agree with anything on it(other than that Anderson is number 1, but then everyone knows that). The idea of the rankings is that the you rank the fighter that will beat everyone else(regardless of his where he is division wise)at the top. This is the reason that Mania's own Jesse Holland has always put Overeem at number 1, because he believes he will defeat everyone else in the division. Without further BS, here is SBnations top 25 at MW

1 Anderson Silva 400 UFC 1
2 Chael Sonnen 384 UFC 2
3 Yushin Okami 354 UFC 3
4 Mark Munoz 332 UFC 4
5 Vitor Belfort 310 UFC 5
6 Demian Maia 286 UFC 5
7 Michael Bisping 281 UFC 7
8 Luke Rockhold 263 Strikeforce 9
9 Brian Stann 253 UFC 8
10 Nate Marquardt 204 BAMMA 10
11 Ronaldo Souza 200 Strikeforce 11
12 Hector Lombard 191 Bellator 12
13 Tim Kennedy 158 Strikeforce 14
14 Alan Belcher 139 UFC 13
15 Rousimar Palhares 124 UFC 18
16 Chris Leben 118 UFC 16
17 Wanderlei Silva 116 UFC 15
18 Mamed Khalidov 102 KSW 17
19 Robbie Lawler 102 Strikeforce 21
20 Jorge Santiago 98 UFC 19
21 Chris Weidman 85 UFC 19
22 Alexander Shlemenko 69 Bellator 22
23 Thales Leites 63 Superior Challenge 24
23 Yoshihiro Akiyama 63 UFC 26
23 Anthony Johnson 63 UFC


Here's mine. Note:this is completely based off of who i think beats who in a fight. I don't care who is proven and who is note. Also Anthony Rumble, Akiyama, and Marquardt will not be on this list for weight reasons.

  1. Anderson Silva(Duh)
  2. Rousimar Palhares
  3. Mark Munoz
  4. Chris Weidmann
  5. Hector Lombard
  6. Michael Bisping
  7. Demian Maia
  8. Chael Sonnen
  9. Yushin Okami
  10. Vitor Belfort
  11. Brian Stann
  12. Luke Rockhold
  13. Jacare Souza
  14. Chris Leben
  15. Alan Belcher
  16. Tim Boetsch
  17. Tim Kennedy
  18. Robbie Lawler
  19. Alexander Schlemenko
  20. Jorge Santiago

I think the main differences include that Chael and Yushin went from 2 and 3 down to 8 and 9. Frankly, Chael just lost a fight(imo) to Bisping, and is best known for cheating/losing to the champ. Also I am a firm believer that the MW division should run in fear from Rousimar Palhares, hes an absolute fucking monster. I would not under any circumstances want to fight him. Weidmann just beat Maia in a close fight, so he is top 5. And finally Bellator's last great champ, Hector Lombard rounds out the top 5. Lombard is the best guy outside of the UFC right now, with excellent TDD and dynamite in his hands. He also has excellent subs, and will beat all but the very best. Well, what do you think Maniacs? Anyone agree with me, or are the consensus rankings more accurate?

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