Nick Diaz license suspended in Nevada, Commission prepares for disciplinary meeting

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Not that this is some big surprise but a meeting was held today in Nevada to suspend Nick Diaz's license stemming from his failed drug test at UFC 143 this past Feb. 4, 2012, in Las Vegas.

The meeting held today was more or less a formality and simply a way for the Commission to temporarily suspend Diaz's license while preparing for a disciplinary meeting later on. has more:

During Wednesday's meeting, commission chairman Skip Avansino requested notes and minutes from the 2007 Nevada matter, as well as any related disciplinary information from other states in preparation of Diaz's upcoming hearing.

The stage was also set for a possible defense that could include a retroactive request for a medical marijuana exemption, as Eccles noted a belief that "the question will come up" given Diaz's personal license for medical use in California.

It's interesting to point out that Diaz could use his medical marijuana license in California has a defense for his failed test in Nevada. There's no real precedent for a matter such as this at present time so there's no discernible way to tell exactly what that will mean regarding potential discipline or lack thereof.

All we know is that this is the second time Diaz has failed a drug test in Nevada and the Commission is going to attempt to punish him accordingly.

Diaz's drug test failure marred an event that was already crawling in controversy, thanks to the main event bout going to a five-round decision finish that few were satisfied with.

In fact, Diaz retired in disgust after the bout, proclaiming his dislike for the scoring system in place in MMA. His team, led by Cesar Gracie, immediately started campaigning for a rematch, so that didn't last long, of course.

Jake Shields, a teammate of his, believes he'll rediscover his love for MMA during the suspension that is surely coming, whenever that may be. And for however long it may happen.

Unless, of course, the retroactive marijuana medical exemption defense actually works.

Stay tuned to for further updates to this story as they happen.

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