A Maniac's guide to personal training

Good afternoon my fellow Manifats. How has your winter been?? Yummy?? Lazy?? Saturated?? Still got some of that turkey gravy and pumpkin pie hanging out around your mid-section?? Do your nipples and then line on your lower stomach make....:):):):):)???? Do the back of your legs look like cottage cheese?? Is O Damn an American Sheep Conformist??? Could your tricep fat be used as a speed bag?? Do you want me to ask more offensive questions or get to the point?? Follow me after the jump.(No fatso, you don't have to actually jump....just scroll down.)

On a more serious note here guys, I am starting a new part time career with a full time passion(school is keeping me from doing it 100%) as a personal trainer and S&C coach. I am not here to brag or anything like that, im here to ask y'all for help actually. Any good personal trainer needs a portfolio.....facts that their shit works. So I would like to offer my fellow Maniacs a chance at a free meal plan, weight lifting guide, and cardio plan for free. All I ask from you is 100% dedication and some before and after photos(i mean that in the creepiest, most perverted, and unprofessional way......).

This would be a strictly cosmetically driven plan. Of course strength and cardio will go up, but the end goal is a cosmetic makeover. Im sure plenty of our Maniacs know tons of good shit about fitness, dieting, cardio, fat loss, lean muscle gain, etc. I just want to see my product really work, as it has for me and the few clientele I've trained in my past....all with great results. This could possibly interfere with your current FIGHT training. Of course not the nutrition, but the weights and cardio plan......ANYWAYS

TO THE POINT. Im going to put my email at the bottom of the page. If you interested, please email me and we can get started asap. The email will need to include Gender, Age, Current Weight, honest physical assessment(I would ask for your Body Fat percentage but accurately measuring it can be a bitch with out practice.) Also your goal(fat loss, muscle mass, etc.) Your occupation and any other recreational activity you participate in. Just a few more things, what time you wake up, if you can eat at work(10 minutes to scarf down a meal) and what time you plan on exercising. This is all so crucial to forming a personalized diet and exercise routine.

I know this is super random, but all the help and support I could get would be great guys.

My Email: (hope i dont regret this)

I will try to respond asap, THANK YOU




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