'Klitschko vs Chisora' results and live fight coverage from Germany

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The doctor is in.

Heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, fresh off an unmerciful annihilation of Tomasz Adamek, will be putting his titles on the line against British contender Dereck “Del Boy” Chisora. Most recently, Chisora battered the highly-touted Robert Helenius for twelve rounds, only to be screwed out of a win by terrible hometown judging.

Chisora sparked some controversy at the weigh-ins by slapping Vitali and being subsequently fined a quarter of his purse. Just now, he spit on Wladimir Klitschko’s face.

The fight is set to begin at 5:30 EST; stop by after the jump for live coverage and play-by-play.

Round One: Lots of movement from Del Boy early; Klitshcko potshotting with his jab. BIG right hand for Vitali forty seconds in, Chisora clinches. Left hook from Vitali, then another jab. Big one-two for Klitschko, Chisora whiffs on a winging right. Left from Chisora actually lands. Body shot from Vitali, Chisora barely lands a return right. Another whiffed right from Dereck. Jab landing all day for Vitali. Hard right from Vitali, then one to the body. Right straight again. Whiffed left from Chisora, brutal right from Vitali. Easy 10-9 for Dr. Ironfist, who is dominating so far.

Round Two: Clinch on the inside. Left from Vitali, then a hard right straight. Chisora whiffs again. Jab from Klitschko and again. One-two lands again for Klitschko. Again. Jab from Vitali. Whiff again from Chisora. Left from Vitali, then a clinch. Right from Vitali, Chisora responds and actually lands. Another one-two from Vitali. BIG right hand from Vitali and again and again. Left from Klitschko. One-two from Klitschko. Target practice for Vitali. 20-18 Klitschko.

Round Three: Clinch early. Body blow from Vitali and another. Chisora unable to land anything. Hard right from Klitchko gets through. Good body blow from Chisora, his first real hit of the night. Good shot from Vitali and a right. Jab and one-two from Vitali. Right hand lands for Klitschko and another. Right uppercut connects for Vitali. Both fighters miss an exchange. One-two from Klitschko again. Hard right from Vitali. AGAIN. Chisora completely misses a left and right at the bell. He has nothing for Klitschko so far. 30-27 Vitali.

Round Four: Pawing from both; Chisora more active this round. One-two from Vitali. Jabs from Vitali and Chisora misses an overhand right. Good jabs from Vitali. Right from Vitali; Chisora is throwing punches but hitting air, arm, or shoulder every time. Clinch. Left from Vitali misses, Vitali avoiding Chisora’s wild shots. Left from Vitali. BIG counter right straight from Vitali. Glancing body blow from Chisora, who then gets hit by a right. Clinch. Lunging shot from Chisora misses, brutal right from Vitali doesn’t. Another easy round for Vitali; 40-36.

Round Five: Hard right straight from Vitali, then another inside. Chisora in a tight shell and Vitali smacking it from all over as Dereck approaches. More wild blows from Chisora, who finally lands a decent body shot. Big right hook from Vitali, who is keeping Chisora at arm’s length easily. Good right from Vitali again. AGAIN. Short shots from Chisora in the clinch. Chisora unsuccessfully stalking Vitali, who is still potshotting. Short shots again from Chisora in the clinch and a good left to the body. Better round for Dereck, but still Vitali’s round. 50-45.

Round Six: Vitali lands a right, then a one-two. Another one-two misses. Decent body shots from Chisora, who misses a big headshot. Good right from Vitali and another. And another. Jab from Vitali keeping Chisora at bay. Chisora finally lands a good right to the head, but Vitali is unfazed. Jabs from Vitali and a good right hand and again. Another hard one-two from Vitali, who is fighting very well off his back foot. Right from Vitali, short body blows from Chisora. Decent round from Dereck again, but 60-54 Vitali.

Round Seven: Jabbing from Chisora, who is very mobile. Lot of punches from Chisora in the early going, but nothing landing clean. Left hook from Del Boy lands and another. Hard right from Chisora, who is having a good round. Vitali fires back with some good right hands. Good one-one-two for Vitali and a hard right. Jab from Vitali and a clinch. Right from Vitali. Right to the body from Dereck, who gets hit with a right. Nice flurry from Vitali and a hard counter right. BIG right hand from Vitali. Chisora’s punch output has dropped as the round progressed. Good opening for Del Boy, but things swung Vitali’s way late. 70-63 Vitali.

Round Eight: Good one-two from Vitali and Chisora bulls into a clinch. Good right from Vitali. Jab lands and a left hook for the big man and another jab. Right to the body from Chisora who is caught with a jab. Clinch inside. Nice rights from Vitali, and Chisora lands one as well. Another right from Vitali and Chisora is finally bullying him around. One-two from Vitali and a good right hand. Right to the body and head from Vitali. And another. Chisora lands a right. Right from Vitali in the last ten seconds. Nice right from Vitali ends it. Chisora had a good round, but he didn’t land cleanly. Perhaps I’m biased, but I’m still giving it to Vitali. 80-72 Vitali.

Round Nine: Left from Vitali. Clinch. Good right from Chisora. Jabs from Vitali. Right to the body from Chisora. Right from Vitali and a good jab. Good right from Klitschko and Chisora lands a body shot. Short uppercut and good one-two from Vitali. Right from Vitali. Jab from Vitali lands. Right form Vitali connects and another big right, though Chisora lands a left. NICE right from Vitali. Much better round for Dr. Ironfist; 90-81 Klitschko.

Round Ten: Chisora thumping to the body in the clinch. Good right from Vitali and a clinch. Both men land good rights and Chisora hits a good right to the body. Nice right from Vitali and a good chopping right inside. Chisora landing to the body when they clinch but hasn’t landed a clean blow to the head. Clinch, body blow from Dereck. Right from Vitali and a clinch. Jab from Vitali lands. Both land good rights, Vitali a second one. Another Vitali round; 100-90. At best, Chisora has three rounds. He’ll need to knock Vitali out.

Round Nine: Right to the body from Chisora. Chisora swinging hard but Vitali’s head seems just out of reach. Stringing body blow from Dereck answered by a right hand. Another good right from Vitali. Shot to the back of the head for Vitali, then a clean series of lefts and rights. Whiff from Chisora answered by a good right from Vitali. Right from Vitali. Chopping right from Vitali; Chisora trying to chisel away at the body inside. Chisora aggressive at the end but doesn’t land clean. 110-99 Klitschko.

Round Ten: Right from Vitali lands, then a one-two. Good jabs from Vitali. Hard swings for Dereck but no contact. Chisora on the offensive and landing to the body, but missing when he tries to go upstairs. Right from Vitali, then a clinch with small shots from Chisora. More clinching. Good little combo from Vitali and another clinch. Another right to the body from Chisora, who gets blasted with a good right straight near the end. Chisora swinging to the finish but can’t get the knockout. I’ll give Chisora the round, but a clear win overall for Vitali. 119-109 Vitali, although I wouldn't disagree with a few more rounds going Dereck's way.

Final result: 118-110, 118-110, and 119-111 for the winner, and still champion, Vitali Klitschko

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