Prime Sakuraba would submit GSP

This make look like trolling and to many it will be no matter what I say.

Kazushi Sakuraba is the legend that any fighter should aspire to become, despite him never winning a major title.


He has wins over 4 Gracie's, Royce, Ryan, Renzo, and Royler. Including the 90 minute battle with Royce in PRIDE.

He has wins over Vitor Belfort, Quentin Jackson, Carlos Newton, Guy Mezger, Kevin Randleman, Masakatsu Funaki, Ken Shamrock and has been in wars with everyone from heavyweights Mirko Filipovic, Kimo Leopoldo, Igor Vovchanchyn. He fought Wanderlei Silva 3 times, Ricardo Arona, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Little Nogueira.

He was willing to fight anyone, anywhere and he was easily among the most skilled catch wrestlers of all time.

He doesn't have the greatest record, but considering he fought well above his natural weight most of his career I won't knock him.

26-16-1 (2 No Contests) with 19 submission wins. He was the UFC Japan Tournament winner and was a 2000 PRIDE Openweight Grand Prix semifinalist.

He's only 5-6 in his last 11 fights and is on a 4 fight losing streak, but seeing as he's lost to Ralek Gracie (3-0) by decision, Jason Miller (24-8 1 No Contest), Current DREAM Welterweight Champion Marius Zaromskis (16-6 1 No Contest), and Yan Cabral (10-0) he's not fighting cans like a lot of fighters fighting past their primes.

If there was ever a man to enter the hypothetical MMA Hall of Fame; Sakuraba would be the first man inducted or at the very least in the first class.

Now I haven't stated why I think Sakuraba would submit George St. Pierre have I. Sakuraba who would commonly fight around 183lbs-192lbs, usually in PRIDE Middleweight matches where the weight limit was 203lbs. If he was in his prime he would probably be fighting at welterweight or middleweight and would cause a lot of problems.


He was never a the most technical striker, but it became passable for a time. He actually had some pretty decent leg kicks and a decent left hand. GSP would no doubt hold the edge there, but when the fight hit the mat I would give the edge to Sakuraba.

His excellent amateur wrestling combined with his catch-wrestling made him a nasty match up for anyone on the ground, and it's been said(by many) that he once had one of the best single leg take downs in MMA. And if he got your arm or your leg he was going for the submission, and he very often got one.


I think that if Sakuraba ever fought him, a prime Sakuraba in his early 30's would beat GSP in a long, technical grappling match. Late, like 18-23 minutes into the fight (assuming it's a five round fight)

You may not agree with me at all, and I'm sure many of you will. So feel free to state your opinions on how full of shit I am. :)

There's my rant, enjoy your weekends.

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