Top exciting fighters that we must see fight (Featherweights)

We all have fighters where we absolutely cannot miss there fight, right? Doesnt matter who there opponent is or how past there prime they are we still watch cause we know they come to fight. Here are some of my favorite exciting fighters in the flyweight division. I'm gonna make a list for each division, starting with this one

In the featherweight division, my cant miss fighters are:


Leonard Garcia- Obviously not the most technical fighter in the world, but the man comes to fight. He often starts all out brawls, swinging hay-makers and moving forward constantly. His aggressive style has earned many victories, even some that should have went the other way. His back and forth wars against the Korean Zombie and Nam Phan have earned him a spot on my list.


Diego Brandao- This crazy little Brazilian earned a spot on my list again for his aggressive style. This miniature "Axe Murderer" throws fighting smart out the window in favor of trying to knock your head off. Out of his 19 wins he has finished 13 of them. And the arm bar he pulled off on Bermudez (pictured above) was one of the most explosive, I've ever seen. Keep an eye out for this killer in the future, you don't want to miss his fights.


"The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung- One of the most exciting fighters in the featherweight division. He won fight of the year in his first battle against Leonard Garcia, in a controversial decision that didn't go his way. But exacted his revenge in the rematch with a contender for submission of the year via twister (pictured above). He is also coming off one of the fastest KO's in UFC history, where he finished Mark Hominick in just 7 seconds.


UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo- How could you not put the Brazilian flying spider monkey on this list. The man is the most dominant featherweight in the world. I cant even remember the last time he was in real danger. Out of his 21 wins he has finished 15 of them in spectacular fashion. He's one of the few elite strikers that can also defend the take down from the best wrestlers. Expect to see this man dominate his division for quite some time.

Honorable mention: Charles Oliviera, Diego Nunes, Mark Hominick

Those are my top 4 most exciting featherweights I have to watch, Lets see yours in the comments section below, maniac's

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