Chael Sonnen still has not officially been offered Anderson Silva rematch

OAKLAND CA - AUGUST 07: Chael Sonnen punches Anderson Silva while on the ground during the UFC Middleweight Championship bout at Oracle Arena on August 7 2010 in Oakland California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

One of the biggest rematches in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen for the middleweight title, is supposed to go down in June in Brazil.

Or at least that's what UFC President Dana White said.

Sonnen, however, is singing a different tune, at least in the official sense. He says he hasn't actually been offered the fight, though he's proceeding as if it's going to happen:

"I have not even been offered the fight. I've read in the media that I'm going to have the fight. I'm telling people that I have the fight, but the reality is I've never been offered it."

Unofficial fight is unofficial. Got it.

"The Spider," meanwhile, is approaching this with the same attitude, albeit for differing reasons. His opinion is that Sonnen doesn't even deserve the rematch but after all the garbage he's spewed, he's ready to get inside the Octagon and settle it once and for all.

"In my opinion, Chael doesn't deserve a rematch, but I'm ready for this fight," Silva told the LA Times. "I'll go back to my home, with my family, remembering Chael disrespects the people of Brazil, and start my focus on this fight."

The first meeting between these two elite middleweights took place all the way back in Aug. 2010 in Oakland, Calif., at UFC 117, a five-round classic that saw Sonnen back up his big talk by beating down the champion for four and a half rounds.

Then he got caught in a triangle/armbar submission and was forced to tap with just minutes remaining.

The thrilling finish had fans the world over clamoring for a rematch to see if Sonnen could finish what he started. Silva, feeling as though the result was definitive, wasn't on board with said plan. Outside problems -- like failed drug tests, money laundering and the link -- got in the way but that's all been settled now.

And we can finally see the end of one of the best feuds in UFC history.

You know, whenever they get around to sending out contracts, signing on the dotted line, crossing the t's and dotting the i's, to make it officially official.

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