Jon Jones fan chat recap: Expects 'a lot' of trash talk from Rashad Evans at UFC 145 presser

Photo of Jon Jones via Cage Today

Today, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was "Chatman."

In a coordinated effort to help promote his upcoming fight with former champion and training partner Rashad Evans, as well as the release of UFC Undisputed 3, Jones participated in a chat on ESPN's SportsNation with fans.

For a grand total of 13 minutes, "Bones" answered a wide variety of questions ranging from his preparation for Evans, fighting in New York and how he's changed ever since Rashad left Team Jackson to join up with the Blackzillians at Imperial Athletics.

While his answers were rather short, there were definitely some very interesting tidbits.

We've got some of the highlights after the jump.

Corey (Quincy, MA): What's up Bones? If you have a succesful year of title defenses, will you consider moving up to heavyweight in 2013?

Jon Jones: Absolutely.

Kevin L (New York): Hey Jon big fan, I just wanna know what are you mostly working on in preperation for the Rashad fight.. thanks and good luck

Jon Jones : I've been working on being a better kickboxer and doing good jiu jitsu from the bottom.

Scott (Salt Lake City): Do you think your cardio will play a hige role in the Rashad fight?

Jon Jones: Absolutely. Rashad was winded in Round 2 against Davis. We're going to switch some things up.

Nigel (CT): Do you think your fight with Evans will go the distance?

Jon Jones: No. But I'm sure that's what Rashad wants.

Nigel (Connecticut) I hope that you wipe the mat with Evans. After that fight who would you like to face next?

Jon Jones: After that, I'm not usually not one to call out people, but Dan Henderson would be nice.

Ryan (New York): If you move up to heavyweight, realistically what weight will you fight at?

Jon Jones: 240.

Chad (Woodstock, Ga): You're coming to Atlanta Thursday for the press conference. Do you expect any trash talking from Rashad?

Jon Jones: A lot of it.

So did anything stand out for you, Maniacs? Do you think conditioning could be one of the biggest factors of this fight like Jones says?

Opinions, please.

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