Short Story: First MMA Fight

I've seen so many great fanposts lately that I thought I'd have a go myself. I've written a fictional short story about a female MMA fighter's first bout. Tell me what you think.


I lost today. Quite spectacularly. The woman I was fighting, even though it was my first amateur match, was miles ahead of me in every way. To be honest I am a little bit angry with the matchmaker for thinking she was an appropriate opponent. Maybe her coaches paid off the matchmaker so her opponents will be fearful when she moves up to the pro circuit. I have no idea. I just feel like I wasn’t even given a fair chance.
So anyway… the fight. This is based both on my recollection and my coaches telling me what happened, which says a lot about how it went really. I stood across from her and lifted my glove up to ask whether she wanted to touch gloves. She shook her head. I thought ‘Ok, she might come out aggressively then’… which she did. The ref started the bout and she quickly moved in to throw a right cross, which caught me on the end of the nose. I started to circle right, away from her power hand, and she popped me with two sharp jabs that were much more powerful than I was expecting. I immediately decided to get the fight to the ground.
I stupidly shot in without waiting for her to strike and she threw a knee that hit me right on the chin. My coaches told me that my legs went out from under me and she took me down to the ground. I turned on to my side to try and avoid her mount but she used the opportunity to turn me over and lock in a rear naked choke. By the time I gathered my bearings it was locked in too tightly for me to be able to pull her arms away. I didn’t tap and slipped under.
Strangely, I had a brief dream when I lost consciousness. I was in some woods during the day. There were white flower petals all over the ground. There was a path in front of me leading directly forward. I saw something moving towards me in the distance at a great speed. Before I had time to think I realised it was a man, about four feet tall, running at great speed. I went to say something to him but he reached me, leapt into the air, and punched me square in the mouth.
In that moment I snapped back to reality. There were people surrounding me so I knew it must have been bad. My coaches told me that I had lost due to RNC. I nodded, and slowly stood up.
The ref was holding my opponent’s hand in the air. After her win was announced she came over to me and thanked me for the fight. It was probably just obligatory considering how poorly I did.
Sigh… I think I will take 6 months off before I even consider fighting again. I will still train, I do love training, in fact I like it more than fighting for some strange reason. I just love MMA, but she is a harsh mistress. Maybe if I take 6 months to train as hard as possible I can be the overpowered one the next time I fight.

Oh well. Until next time.

The End.

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