Well, I can't comment too much on this event, because I pretty much missed the whole thing. Well, I caught the last 3 fights, so it wasn't so bad. I was at an mma event, unfortunately, it wasn't this one. So, apologies and all that for the late post, its been a heavy weekend.

Right, time l cracked on now with the post.

Top 3



Third: scott1

Scott 1 is in the hunt for top spot, and did himself no harm when securing third place last night. However, it could have been slightly better. Granted, the position of 3rd wouldn't have changed, but to lose 4 points could be costly overall. How did he lose 4 points? He picked Siver, to win, by unanimous decision, but never picked it to be finished via judges decision. In the overall scheme of things, will this cost him top spot? Well, he has to continue to be consistent to find out. He takes 3rd by:
  • Scoring 68 Points
  • Had 7/11 correct picks.
  • 3 perfect picks, the last 3 fights in fact.
  • So 22 hot points.
  • Could be joined 3rd overall, but isn't.



Runner up: fulch

Its becoming a bit of a cluster fuck at the top of the table. Fulch has only gone and muscled his way into the top 3. With a full 11 points clear of 3rd last night, we have a legitimate threat now in the form of a consistent Fulch. He took the runner up spot last night by scoring:
  • 77 points.
  • Had 8/11 correct picks.
  • Got 4 perfects, the final 3 fights and Nijem.
  • 22 hot points.



Numer Uno, top dog, King of the hill in more ways then one: fosforito11


Okay, so Fosforito was in the top 3 overall for the first 2 events, and then just faded away. It just seemed like he was just always hovering around between mid to top 5 all season. 10th, 9th, 6th for a while. Well, no fuckin longer. Cos we all know, shit can change after one event. Someone's just played their Aces. Fosforito has taken the top spot in the event and league. Just when it was lookin like a 3 horse race, Fosforito has just announced himself in style. He took the gold last night by scoring:

  • 87 points. Highest on Mania.
  • Had 8/11 correct picks.
  • An impressive 5 perfect picks. The final 3 main fights with Brown and Siver.
  • 22 Hot points
  • Scored Bonus points for the Brown pick.
  • Only one points away from top scores on Playground.
  • Finished 17th out of 2143


With 22 points, the shit picker this event is my friend Raymondo. This is the man who was bangin on about catchin me and making up the 50 points deficit. Well, you sure did a good job of that. Looks like you will be payin up this season. He's not registered here, but he will see this. Ha, Ray, your fuckin shit!!!!

Event scores:

Rank Points Player
1 87 fosforito11
2 77 fulch
3 68 scott1
4 66 vhw
4 66 McRad
6 59 liverpoolsnxt
7 56 tr8k
8 50 IrishKev
9 43 Bons_210309
10 39 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop
11 37 bezeau24
11 37 thunderdownunder
13 34 wolfman13
14 32 PotOfGold
15 23 karpentero
16 22 Raymondo

League standings:

Having made up 5 places and destroyed a 35 points gap, Fosforito is sittin on top of the pile. The top 3 have been changing a lot recently, and its just too close to call. But by fuck is it interesting!! With only 17 points dividing the top 5, it's literally a wide open field now.

1 479 fosforito11
2 473 tr8k
2 473 fulch
3 466 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop
4 462 scott1
5 447 vhw
6 434 bezeau24
7 429 Bons_210309
8 416 McRad
9 392 IrishKev
9 392 thunderdownunder
10 371 wolfman13
11 364 PotOfGold
12 357 Raymondo
13 302 karpentero
14 255 Geno_Gargles_Grims_Balls
15 242 liverpoolsnxt
16 232 MrGrapplefan
17 197 paulnewman
18 99 Stazza

Bracket Tourny

Originally I had figured there was going to be 3 events left with The Smashes contesting the final. Which I thought was a bit shitty. Happily though, Playground have seen sense, having the 2 TUF events as a combo and the final will now be contested of the Heavyweight Title fight. Quite fitting really.

We are down to the final four, and not only has Fosforito gained momentum in the league, he has also taken the initiative against The Pride. Fos takes a rather commanding lead into the next 2 events combo.

The other semi final is a much closer affair with Kimura taking an 11 points advantage over BNF.



Better late than never I guess.

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