Bring back legitimacy to the UFC!!




Sums up my general feelings towards UFC matchmaking as of late. The UFC was built upon having a higher standard of competition than boxing, where the champ, no matter the division or his supposed fame or power, would always fight the number one contender. Now, its no better than today's WWE circus act, and quite frankly is making my love for this sport to die down little by little.

So lets recap on what will be in store for us fans in the first quarter of next year. First, a totally legit main event fight between the two most distinct contenders in the LHW division and two of the most skilled and revered fighters in this day and age was scrapped from its main event status and is now relegated down to a 3 round fight, due to a supposed Carmouche-Rousey title fight now taking up their slot......Seriously. Dont get me wrong, I am all up for women's MMA to get the mainstream treatment from the UFC and for the female fighters to finally start getting some recognition, but I mean really these girls combined record stands at 13-2!!!

First fuck up.



Before this the UFC had already dropped the ball with the announcement that the most dominant champion the LHW division, or perhaps the entire sport, has ever seen, was going to be facing a MW journeymen coming off a second round TKO loss to MW overlord Anderson Silva...all in the hopes to save a failing and stale show in TUF....

Fail. Miserably. Is what you have just dun UFC



Now, we get news of Hendricks getting jumped over for a supposed more lucrative fight in Diaz/GSP, despite Hendricks being the most clear and distinct number one contender in the UFC. KOs over Jon Fitch, #2 at the time, and Martin Kampmann top 3-5, in under less than a minute combined, a split decision over former two time number one contender Josh Kosheck, top 5 at the time, and several other good wins over tough guys like Pierce and Brenneman should be enough to warrant a shot at the belt. Not in the UFC though!



Now dont get me wrong I would love to see GSP lay waste to Diaz and it would be an entertaining trashing for sure, but for those who think it will be even remotely competitive need to get slapped a couple of times and WAKE THE FUCK UP. Diaz plodding no head movement, or footwork style is tailor-made for GSP to get takedown after takedown. In fact this fight will be so one-sided that I even see GSP finishing Diaz via Diaz eaten too many hellbows and being cut open and bleeding more than a virgin high school girl on prom night.

And for those who say that this will be a bigger money fight, snap out of it. Diaz/Penn did one of the lower PPV number this year, and Diaz's non-performance and failure to adapt in his loss against Condit certainly didnt get anyone talking about how Diaz could potentially bring anything of substance against the best MMA wrestler of all time. As someone in the comments pointed out yesterday "750,000 people saw Hendricks flatten Fitch.700,000 people saw Hendricks turn Kampmann from man to board in 46 seconds. An average 2.25million people saw Hendricks edge Koscheck in an exciting bout. However, only 400,000 saw Diaz in his stinker of a fight against Condit and 280,000 saw the Penn fight, which was one of the lowest drawing PPV’s that Penn’s ever been in. This "Diaz is a huge draw!!" bullshit needs to stop. I’m willing to bet that marketed correctly, Hendricks could be a bigger sell." I could not have said it better.


What are you doing.



So what I am asking from all of you freaks is too twitter bomb the shit outta Dana, because he apparently only listens to "real" fans on twitter and not thsoe on the internet.

Some hashtags I recommend using include #bringbacklegitamacytoUFC, #boycottJones/Sonnen, #boycottGSP/Diaz, or #treatMMAasAsportNOTaCIRCUSact

Remember, WE the fans are what MAKE this sport or any sport for that matter, we have a voice and we have a say in this, and if enough people get behind something,like the baddest SOB walking this planet likes to say, things happen.

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