Anthony Johnson ‘happy’ with WSOF, ‘aggravated’ with constant UFC return questions

Photo of Anthony Johnson by Esther Lin

Anthony Johnson is currently employed by upstart mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion, World Series of Fighting (WSOF), but that hasn't stopped people barraging "Rumble" about a potential return to the ranks of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Something Johnson says can get a little 'aggravating.'

A word of advice to all mixed martial arts (MMA) media members, don't ask Anthony Johnson anymore questions about a potential return to the Octagon.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight and middleweight contender recently told that it gets ‘aggravating' having to constantly answer questions about a return to UFC when he is currently employed by upstart organization World Series of Fighting (WSOF).

"Rumble" had a successful debut with the Las Vegas-based promotion at World Series of Fighting 1: "Arlovski vs. Cole," back on Nov. 3, 2012, knocking out D.J. Linderman in the very first round in a 205-pound affair. The win marked his fourth straight since his departure from UFC, and inched himself closer to a possible return with Zuffa.

For now, Johnson is ‘happy' with WSOF and says people should think before they ask him about potentially fighting for another promotion:

"It gets old a little bit, it gets aggravating. You see who I'm fighting for, why would you ask me about another organization? I want people to think before they actually talk. You know what I mean? But, I answer the questions. Like I said, I tell them, I'm fighting for World Series of Fighting, I'm not fighting for the UFC, my focus is all on World Series of Fighting right now. So, the UFC, it's pretty pointless in bringing it up. That's no disrespect to them, but, I'm with somebody right now. It's almost like asking somebody for instance, you dig a new girl and somebody brings up your old girl and then they ask you if you want to get back with them. Well, why would I think about her when I got something right here and I'm enjoying it? Let's just stick to who I'm with right now, and if something else happens down the line, then we can talk about something different. I'm happy with World Series of Fighting, they are great."

There go those fighters and their girlfriend/fighting comparisons, again.

Anthony was cut from the ranks of the UFC after his loss to Vitor Belfort at UFC 142 in what was scheduled to be Johnson's 185-pound debut with the promotion. His reoccurring weight issues, however, forced the bout to be contested at light heavyweight.

The weight difference didn't matter for "The Phenom," who choked out the bigger Johnson in the final seconds of the opening frame.

Though on an impressive win streak since his loss in Brazil, for now, "Rumble" is content fighting for WSOF and went on to say he is scheduled to fight on Feb. 9, 2013, though there is no contract or opponent lined up at the moment.

Anyone hope to see Johnson back inside the Octagon? Or would you rather see a potential "super fight" against "The Pitbull," first?

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