Strikeforce's Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier can walk right into the UFC and win the title


Josh Barnett isn't one to beat around the bush. The confident heavyweight is certain that he, along with Daniel Cormier, has the ability and skill set to walk into the UFC cage and win a world title. Perhaps both heavy-handed fighters will have the opportunity to do so in 2013.

Josh Barnett is scheduled to make his final appearance inside the Strikeforce Hexagon in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as he takes on relative unknown Nandor Guelmino on Jan. 12, 2013.

After that, it is popular belief that "The Warmaster" will return to the ranks of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he earned the heavyweight title back in 2002.

Coming with him will be the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner, Daniel Cormier, who defeated Barnett on May 19 of this year to earn that distinction. "DC" will also participate at the final Strikeforce event as he takes on Dion Staring in the co-main event of the evening.

Once the dust settles in Oklahoma City, the two heavy-handed bruisers will 'likely' take their talents to the Octagon and add a bit more depth to the promotion's 265-pound division and perhaps just walk right in and claim a world title right away.

On his recent appearance on "The MMA Hour," when Barnett was asked if he thought Cormier was better than he thought he would be, he stated, no, he knew exactly the type of dangerous fighter he was going up against in Cormier, long before the media and other fighters recognized the former Olympian's skill:

"I expected the best out of him (Cormier). In fact, I think, I was one of the people that saw his abilities entirely and knew exactly how good he was versus the rest of the populous, press included. I think most people did not give him the credit he was due and deserved. I still think they don't understand how good he really is. I say, besides myself, he's the only other person that can just walk right into the UFC and win the title."

Though not guaranteed he will land inside the Octagon, Barnett said he thinks it's ‘pretty likely' he will, unless, of course, people don't want him to shake things up and disturb the rankings:

"I think it's pretty likely. I think it's a good fit for a person like me. I mean, unless you don't want me to go in there and beat all those dudes up and completely throw your rankings out of whack and change the whole perception of who the best heavyweights in the world are. If you don't want that, then definitely don't bring me over. But, if you just want to have the biggest and best collection of heavyweights in the world, then, you gotta have me there. I want to go where the opportunity is best. I like the idea of that full roster over their being at my disposal to dispose of."

Josh Barnett vs. Cain Velasquez, Alistair Overeem or Frank Mir, anyone? The options are definitely endless should "The Warmaster" make the eventual jump.

Anyone agree with Barnett's comments? Can he and "DC" just walk right into the UFC and win a world title? Or will Junior dos Santos and the rest of his colleagues have something to say about that?

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