Okay, so I'm at work on new years eve (I know) and have fuck all to do. So I might aswell crack on with this post which I've been putting off cos it's hardly worth the time for the effort anymore. Which is why I may or may not run another season. I most probably will though, one last time I guess.

So that's another season finished, which was won by the last event anyway. And it's the end of another year of UFC, which did go out with a bang thanks to Miller, Lauzon, JDS and of course the new HW Champ, Cain! As for the rest on the card, bar a handful, ye should be ashamed. Especially you Leben. Your as predictable as a fuckin nursery ryhme now. Time to hang 'em up for good. Not even gatekeeper material. Be ashamed.

But not as ashamed as the drunken ignorant cuntin Vegas crowd. Ye fuckers get spoiled and then, to actually have the audacity to boo JDS of all fighters, especially as he just took a fuckin holy mary of a beating just for your fuckin pleasure, is just an outrage. Fuck you!!! Anyway, might aswell get on with it.

First off, I will mention who won the Bracket tourny.

BNF did. Well done. Your enrty fee to moneypool is on me.

Top 3



My paddy friend finally cracked the top 3 with 62 points.



Also, more surprisingly, cracking the top 3 for the first time with 65 points.


And the winner.


This is the 2nd time Karp has won an event and is our only multiple winner this season. He scored 68 points.

Roll of honour.

Event winners:

  • Bons
  • Karpnetero
  • Geno_Grims
  • Tr8k
  • Scott1
  • Bubbles24/Bez
  • Liverpool
  • Fosforito
  • Ninja
  • Karpentero.

Hall of shame.


  • Aiden08
  • VHW
  • Irish_Kev
  • Karpentero
  • Geno_Grim
  • Karp (Again)
  • Karp (Back to back bitch)
  • Raymondo
  • Tr8k
  • Bubbles24/Bez

Overall champion of the season:


Congratulations bitch. Good luck in the Moneypool.

Rank Points Player
1 665 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop
2 628 fulch
3 617 fosforito11
4 609 vhw
5 576 tr8k
6 558 scott1
7 545 bezeau24
8 540 IrishKev
9 526 Bons_210309
10 511 wolfman13
11 507 thunderdownunder
12 494 Raymondo
13 481 McRad
14 478 PotOfGold
15 447 karpentero
16 288 liverpoolsnxt
17 255 Geno_Gargles_Grims_Balls
18 232 MrGrapplefan
19 197 paulnewman
20 99 Stazza
21 18 Aiden08

Thank you all for participating this season. Sorry this was a piss poor lack-lustre write up. But I just cant be bothered. I may make it better next year.

Happy New-Year motha fuckas.


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