UFC Batamweights - Who Should Fight Who?

I love doing these Matchmaking Posts, This time its the Bantamweights.

Cruz vs The Winner of Barao/McDonald - Reason: Pretty simple, The Champ vs The Interim Champ.

The Winner of Wineland/Pickett vs The Loser of Barao/McDonald - Reason: The Wineland/Pickett fight to me is a #1 contender fight. Cruz being injured for so long has really muddied up the 135 division. The Barao/McDonald winner will most likely fight Cruz hopefully by mid 2013. So if that is the case I'm sure the Wineland/Pickett Winner will be fine waiting 9 months for a title shot but if they are not, then a fight with the Loser of Barao/McDonald makes a lot of sense.

The Winner of Faber/Menjivar vs The Loser of Wineland/Pickett - Reason: Faber just lost to Barao who is the Interim Champ, hes always very close to getting another title shot. Mejivar is a top ranked guy, whoever wins this fight should fight whoever Loses in my eyes the #1 contender fight.

Dillashaw vs Jorgensen - Reason: Dillashaw I feel is very much on the rise while Jorgensen is on the decline. This fight makes a lot of sense to me, I could also see Dillashaw getting matched up with Easton, they already were supposed to fight so don't be surprised if that happens.

Viana vs Bedford - Reason: Both are 2-0 in the UFC, Both are coming off great KO victories, This fight has Bangfest written all over it. It makes sense and it would be a very fun fight.

Assuncao vs The Loser of Faber/Menjivar - Reason: Assuncao beat top prospect Mike Easton in his last fight. Hes been looking really good in his last few fights, A step up in competition makes sense.

Easton vs Bowles - Reason: I don't know when Bowles is gonna fight again I hope soon. If he does come back and wants to fight within the next 6 months, a fight with Easton makes sense. Easton just lost for the first time in his UFC career, Bowles hasn't fought in over a year and it would be a good comeback fight for him.

The Winner of Perez/Bloodworth vs The Winner of Rivera/Figueroa - Reason: Perez and Rivera are two top guys at 135, I have them ranked at #16 & #17, I see them both winning their upcoming fights, so I'd love to this fight and it makes sense.

So those are some of the fights I think should happen next.

Please comment below. Rec if you enjoyed this. Post some of the fights that you think should happen next and the fights that you want to see happen next.

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