What would you like to see for FOX 7

FOX 5 is in the books, with Benson Henderson easily disposing of Nate Diaz, while youngsters Rory and Alexander took out two legends in Penn and Shogun. Fox 6 is quickly approaching and takes place January 26th. Like FOX 5, this one also features a UFC Championship on the line when UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson takes on TUF 14 winner John Dodson. Rampage Jackson will compete in the Octagon for the last time when he faces Glover Teixeira, and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone will take on Anthony "Showtime" Pettis in what could possible determine the next challenger at 155.

So which direction do you want to see UFC on FOX 7 (which takes place April 20th) move in? Do you feel that the UFC has to put on a Championship fight, especially since both FOX 5 and FOX 6 both contain a Championship fight? Or do they need to just put on a stacked event and not spoil us. It is very unlikely, despite there being a total of 9 UFC Championships that every UFC on FOX card will carry a Championship fight.

Maybe you've gotten used to seeing that free title fight. And with some of the rating struggles that happened in some of the FOX shows that failed to produce a title fight, maybe the UFC will try to make this into a habit. Something to be expected. But if the UFC does continue to give us these free title fights that we like so much, any suggestions on who they should roll with?

Benson Henderson is a possibility to return to FOX. He did get some exposure from FOX 5, I'm sure his one sided beating of Nate didn't hurt any. The Cerrone/Pettis fight takes place on January 26th, but is that too close to April 20th? Or does the UFC immediately give Gilbert Melendez the title shot and book a Champion vs Champion fight.

Or perhaps the UFC wants to show off another UFC title holder. If so, it will be very interesting to see who they come up with. GSP will face Nick Diaz on March 16th, so that is out of the question. Jon Jones faces Chael Sonnen April 27th, so he is ruled out as well. Anderson Silva is currently waiting for a fight, most likely he will face Michael Bisping if he defeats Vitor Belfort. However, that fight takes place January 19th. Is that also too soon? Or is 3 months plenty?

Junior dos Santos fights Velasquez this coming Saturday, but the winner of this fight will most likely wait for Overeem to pull a Cain on Silva. The mauling of Bigfoot Silva will occur February 2nd, so the timeline doesn't exactly work out.

The ladies will be fighting February 23rd, so we can forget about that. Probably wouldn't have been the best idea for a FOX show just yet anyway, with all due respect of course. Jose Aldo is also fighting at UFC 156, the same night as Overeem, so we can scratch that one off the list of Champions as well. And we can't forget about Cruz, who is still out with an injury.

The three most likely options are:

1 - The UFC doesn't put a title fight on FOX 7. Most of the champions are booked, and the ones that aren't probably won't be able to make that deadline.

2. - Benson Henderson vs the winner of Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone. Seems to make sense. The world got to see Benson on FOX 5, and Pettis and Cerrone get their time in the spotlight on FOX 6. Why not bring them together for FOX 7?

3. - I'm not saying this will happen, its doubtful. But would the UFC dare to book Anderson Silva on FOX? The Bisping/Belfort fight is, as I said above, January 19th. And you know Bisping, if victorious, would accept a fight the very next day. So the date wouldn't be an issue for him. I don't see the UFC doing this though...

So what about you guys? Anything you want to see?

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