Well, we were spoiled for choice this weekend with a nice double event weekend. And it did not disappoint, I think. Tbh, I missed most of it, bit too busy being drunk. Besides, I have not seen a single episode of either of the Tuf's this season. Pretty sure I'm not the only one who hasn't seen an episode of the Tuf's last 10 seasons for that matter. Okay, I tuned in for a couple of the Brock episodes, but that's about it.

But when it so happens to produce a combo card weekend, we can be thankful. We can also be thankful that the whole two cards actually produced no fewer than 11 t/ko's. With only 7 decisions that only left 3 submission wins. 3 out of 21, that's pretty crazy. So much for not knowing who is on the cards and having a decision as the safe bet.

What's also crazy, is the scoring. Last season they had a combo card and the high score was a pretty crazy 119 points. Well, that score was just smashed.

21 fights and no Hot-Bout? Was that the Varner fight?

Top 3




VHW has done his chances of finishing in the top 3 no harm at all. Top spot is obviously out of sight, but he has been quite consistent and hovering around the top 5 for a while now. These events are quite hard to predict, so congrats on securing 3rd. He did it by scoring:

  • 110 points.
  • Went 14/21 correct picks.
  • Got 5 perfect picks. ( Nelson, Wilkinson, Lombard, Whitaker, Parke )
  • Has moved up to 4th in the league.



Runner Up: PotOfGold

Well, these cards throw up a few surprises, and here's one. PotofGold just decides to pop up out of nowhere to throw a spanner in the works. Pot hasn't been heard of in the top 3 for awhile, but he's here now to remiond us that he can actually pick quite decently when he wants. Nice one! He takes the silver by scoring:

  • 114 Points.
  • Went 14/21 correct picks.
  • Had 6 perfects ( Smith, Wilkinson, Parke, Pierce, Bedford, and Lombard )
  • Also helped himself to 2 bonus points with the Smith pick.



Winner, Numero Uno, King of the Hill, Top dog!



I did say there would be some crazy scores, but never predicted it would be this crazy. Like a motha fuckin Ninja, he just came in, and blitzed the place. No competition here, this was a massacre. Not even close ffs. He just shat all over the rest of us. In fact, everyone in playground for that matter, bar one other crazily enough. That's right, this Freepool Ninja came joint top in all of Playground.

Last week Fosforito destroyed a 35 point deficit to take the top spot leaving Ninja in 4th. Fosforito will have to do the same again to stop Ninja claiming this title, and that my friends, just aint gonna happen.

Ironically, next season is called Karate Choppin Ninjas. Well we already have one, and it looks like he is on his way to the Moneypool. (If it happens)

Ninja fucked us all up by scoring:

  • 144 points. Yup, One Hundred and Forty Four fucking points!!!!
  • Had 16/21 correct picks.
  • Out of that 16, 10 were perfect. Count them.
  • Perfects: Nelson, Lombard, Elliot, Pierce, Beltran, Whitaker, Parke, Alloway, Wilkinson and Mendes.
  • 2 Bonus points for selecting Beltran.
  • #1 out of 1746
  • Barring a miracle, he's the champ.

Excellent stuff Ninja, well done!!!!



Well, this is a turn up for the books. I was only singing his praises last week, and then he goes and fucks it all up. Absolutely imploded just when it mattered most! I honestly would have tipped him to win the whole bloody thing, but now he be lucky to finish 5th ffs.

With 48 points scored, which is poor on a single card let alone a combo card, Tr8k, you are this weeks SHIT PICKER!!

Event scores:










4 100 fulch
5 97 fosforito11
6 96 wolfman13
7 90 IrishKev
8 87 bezeau24
8 87 thunderdownunder
10 77 karpentero
11 75 Raymondo
12 71 Bons_210309
13 65 scott1
14 48 tr8k

League standings:

As we all know now, Ninja has taken comand and is sittin pretty on top. Fosforito relinquished the top spot and looks to have relinquished any chance of winning this season. Only 3 points behind is Fulch. This league looks to be done with on event to spare!










4 557 vhw
5 527 scott1
6 521 bezeau24
6 521 tr8k
7 500 Bons_210309
8 482 IrishKev
9 479 thunderdownunder
10 478 PotOfGold
11 467 wolfman13
12 432 Raymondo
13 416 McRad
14 379 karpentero
15 255 Geno_Gargles_Grims_Balls
16 242 liverpoolsnxt
17 232 MrGrapplefan
18 197 paulnewman
19 99 Stazza
20 18 Aiden08

Bracket Tourny

Despite the fact that Fosforito has pretty much ruled himself out of the league, he still has something to fight for!

He only just took out Pride, who put up a major fight. Only 10 points was in it in the end, but the Freepoolers will be represented in the Final.

With only 11 points between BNF and Kimura, it really was anyone's for the taking. In the end, BNF took it , and quite emphatically to boot. He makes the final by 36 points.

So there we have it, the final will be contested between Fosforito and BNF.

May the best Freepooler win :p

As a reminder, if both score exactly the same, the previous rounds qualifing score will count. So in laymans terms, if it's a draw, Fosforito is the winner.




That your lot bitches!! Glad to fuck I'm not doin somethin like Unambigs report!!!

Hit it up!

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