Mania Money Pool Results: UFC on FX 6/TUF 16 Finale Combo



2 awesome events and they're free! If you're not impressed by these two free`cards then I don't know what will please you. Two KOs in both the main event and a bevy of submissions, knock outs and exciting fights. In our won money pool, the boys are now being separated from the men as we have seen Pride able to hold on to the top spot while BNF is just 9 points away. Consistency as my weapon, I have slowly crept up and is now on third. With one more event to go, this will be a free-for-all royal rumble with money on the bank ramifications. With these, let's keep the ball rolling.


155 lbs.: Ross Pearson def. George Sotiropoulos via knockout at 0:41 of round 3
170 lbs.: Robert Whittaker def. Brad Scott via unanimous decision (TUF Welterweight final)
155 lbs.: Norman Parke def. Colin Fletcher via unanimous decision (TUF Lightweight final)

185 lbs.: Hector Lombard def. Rousimar Palhares via knockout at 3:38 of round 1
145 lbs.: Chad Mendes def. Yaotzen Meza via knockout at 1:55 of round 1
205 lbs.: Joey Beltran def. Igor Pokrajac via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Mike Pierce def. Seth Baczynski via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Ben Alloway def. Manuel Rodriguez via knockout at 4:57 of round 1
155 lbs.: Mike Wilkinson def. Brendan Loughnane via unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Cody Donovan def. Nick Penner via TKO at 4:35 of round 1


135 lbs.: Tim Elliott vs. Jared Papazian - Elliott wins via UD (30-25 x2, 30-26)

265 lbs.: Roy Nelson vs. Matt Mitrione - Nelson wins via TKO (punches) (2:58 rd 1)
170 lbs.: Mike Ricci vs. Colton Smith (TUF 16 tournament final) - Smith wins via UD (30-27 x2, 30-26)
265 lbs.: Pat Barry vs. Shane Del Rosario - Barry wins via KO (punch) (0:26 rd 2)
155 lbs.: Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner - CANCELLED. Varner took ill and the NSAC ended it.
145 lbs.: Jonathan Brookins vs. Dustin Poirier - Poirier wins via submisison (D'Arce choke) (4:15 rd 1)
170 lbs.: James Head vs. Mike Pyle - Pyle wins via TKO (knee and punches) (1:55 rd 1)
135 lbs.: Johnny Bedford vs. Marcos Vinicius - Bedford wins via TKO (strikes) (1:00 rd 2)
155 lbs.: Rustam Khabilov vs. Vinc Pichel - Khabilov wins via KO (slam and punches) (2:15 rd 1)
170 lbs.: Nick Catone vs. T.J. Waldburger - Waldburger wins via technical submission (triangle) (1:04 rd 2)
135 lbs.: Reuben Duran vs. Hugo Viana - Viana wins via KO (punch) (4:05 rd 1)
155 lbs.: John Cofer vs. Mike Rio - Rio wins via Submission (armbar) (4:11 rd 3)


  • 17 people (55%) in our camp picked the Aussie to beat Pearson who was chosen by 14 people (45%) in our camp. After three rounds and 3 servings of china wares later from G-Sot's chin, 14 people won.
  • 8 people in our camp (26%) picked Meathead and boy did they pay heavily as Roy KTFO Matt in the first round.
  • 6 people (19%) in our camp were probably, up to this point, astounded by the limb-crushing powers of Toquinho. In fact, when I look at the names of these six: ViolentMike, goldmouth, Yan117, Ulf_Murphy, ricky-dooby, and ohmamadoes, except for ohmamadoes, the previous five used to be good pickers and may have lost their touch this season.
  • 23 people (74%) picked TJ Waldburger and boy did he deliver with that slick submission.
  • 21 people picked Tiger against TUF scrub Pinchel and after one punch, it proved the decision to be right.
  • 20 people (65%) picked Diamond to cut through Brookins and he roughed up the TUF season winner with a slick choke.
  • 19 people (61%) picked Wolverine and he won but not through the grinder this time.
  • 17 people (55%) picked Pyle to win and most of us picked a decision win. 2 finishes in a row now for Pyle, something to take heed of.
  • Only 12 people (39%) picked Bedford and the other 19 people were "brutalized" by their decision not to pick the TUFer.
  • 17 people (55%) picked Tim Eliott and he grinded the chances of the 14 people who picked Papazian.
  • ONLY 6 PEOPLE picked Brain Fart Barry to win. Can't believe this but Pat didn't self-destruct tonight and actually put SDR to sleep. Props to Pride, kg12, VicDundee, CDSMid, Aussie and ohmamadoes for taking risk and picking Pat to win.
  • If there's one advise I could give to letstalkmma and scarnon, it is the fact that Mike Pierce almost always win by either unanimous decision or split decision. Even if Seth is on a great winning streak, nothing can stop the decision train.
  • 21 people (68%) picked Wolverine and the X-Men slashed Coffer's breathing forcing him to tap out.
  • unambig, dlocc, wyldeman99, ricky-dooby picked Beltran because they want to hit the jackpot and boy DID they hit the jackpot. Igor probably underestimated Beltran and Joey forgot he was supposed to be the human punching bag for Igor. Well, I guess sometimes roles do change and Igor was dumb tonight.
  • 22 people picked the Karate guy to win the Smashes and he blitzed through Mr. Diary to the dismay of the 9 people who picked him.
  • 20 people picked the guy with a Wikipedia page to beat Cody. Hey unambig, sometimes a guy named Cody and who has no Wikipedia page can pull out a surprise.
  • 19 people picked Parke to put a stop to the Freakshow down under and he did that by showing how weak Collin is when clinched and thrown to the mat.
  • 20 people hoped that Alloway can put the douche to sleep and boy did he knocked Chalate's face down the mat.
  • I can't understand why Rolandando, dlocc, wyldeman99, Aussie, and u_had_me_at_kimura picked Loughnane. I just can't.
  • Once again, unambig and letstalkmma decided to be adventurous and picked the fighter that almost no one picked in Colton Smith. Hey, the former Marines might pull a rabbit out of a hat and actually win. The trick proved good for Colton as he wrestlefucked Ricci. Unambig even got perfect score for picking a soldier rape a Canadian.I would have enjoyed if Chrsitina Ricci was the one wrestlefucked but the sight of Martian being raped in the ground is just not pleasing to my eye.


  • Unambig hit the jackpot in this high scoring combo as he led the Mania pack with 122 points. Good job for a man who would't want his awesome fan post to be rec'd by the community. unambig only went 14/21 correct picks but got perfect scores for Nelson, Lombard, TJ, Tim, Pierce, Wilkinson, Colton Smith and Mendes. Congrats unambig.
  • Our 17 year old boy AJ Sanabriaman notched second place this event as he scored two points fewer than unambig. AJ scored 119 points going 15/21 with 7 perfect picks.
  • Yours truly got the third place for this event scoring 116 points, going 16/21 correct picks but only getting 5 perfect picks. Watch out everyone, Phase is creeping up.
  • kimuraalloveryourface will face the wrath of unambig this event as he just managed to score 64 points on a very high scoring game. He went 8/21 and got only three picks perfect.

Camp Rank Points Player
1 122 unambig
2 119 SanabriaMan
3 116 Phasebook
4 111 thepride
5 107 BNF
6 102 Joben
7 100 Dlocc
8 98 ViolentMike
9 97 Jido7
10 96 Sombrero
11 95 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura
12 94 wyldeman99
13 89 VicDundee
14 88 CDSmid
14 88 ShivanTiger
16 87 Rilly
17 85 Amos14
18 84 Scottidog
19 83 ricky-dooby
20 81 jayw27
21 80 freenow82
21 80 kg12
21 80 scarnon
24 79 goldmouth
25 77 Yan117
26 75 Ulf_Murphy
27 73 Aussie
28 72 ohmamadoes
29 70 Rolandando
30 68 letstalkmma
31 64 kimuralloverurface


  • Pride is still holding on to the top spot while BNF is still close. Yours truly is now at third place and is also near Pride and BNF. kg12 and Rolandando have been slipping. This is still a fight to the finish. Next event will be now or never.
  • Sanabriaman is the biggest gainer moving up seven (7) notches.
  • unambig went up 6 notches because of his ridiculously high score.
  • NNR forgot his picks and slipped 8 notches because of that.
  • dlocc, VicDundee, Jido7, wyldeman99, CDSMid and Sombrero are also registering marked improvements in the rankings.

MMA Playground season 14: Fortnight of Pain
9 / 10 events complete
Rank Points Player Movement
1 628 thepride Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium+/-
2 620 BNF Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
3 611 Phasebook Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
4 596 kg12 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium2
5 592 Scottidog Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium1
6 581 unambig Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
7 577 Rolandando Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium2
7 577 SanabriaMan Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium7
8 571 Joben Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
9 563 ViolentMike Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
9 563 goldmouth Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium2
10 547 Rilly Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
11 544 kimuralloverurface Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
12 510 VicDundee Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
13 508 Dlocc Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
14 506 Jido7 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
15 501 Yan117 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium1
15 501 wyldeman99 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5
16 500 Amos14 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
17 493 CDSmid Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
18 488 Aussie Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium1
19 459 letstalkmma Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
20 455 ShivanTiger Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
21 439 freenow82 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
22 427 Sombrero Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5
23 422 NNR Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium8
24 417 jayw27 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium2
24 417 Ulf_Murphy Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
25 413 ricky-dooby Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
26 400 scarnon Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
27 396 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
28 353 ohmamadoes Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
29 212 P-Dub Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
30 65 Agar Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3

Event Winners:

  • Event 1: SanabriaMan - 70 points
  • Event 2: Rolandando - 75 points
  • Event 3: BNF - 92 points
  • Event 4: kg12 - 65 points.
  • Event 5: wydeman99 - 93 points
  • Event 6: Phasebook - 76 points
  • Event 7: Scottidog/freenow82 - 84 points
  • Event 8: Yan117 - 83 points
  • Event 9: unambig - 122 points

That's it Maniacs. Please fell free to talk about the results. Do you have your favorites to win this season's money pool. Feel free to brag and talk trash leading to the last event. Freenow, I expect my $20 after Cain brings the belt back to Mexico.

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