Money talks homie

Many people are probably wondering why on earth Nick Diaz is getting a title shot against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 158 while Johny Hendricks is not.

Well, it has to be because Hendricks is injured, right? Nope, "Bigg Rigg" is coincidentally fighting at UFC 158 as well.

Well, it has to be because Diaz is more deserving than Hendricks, right? Nope, that cannot be it. Nick Diaz is coming off a loss and a year long suspension while Hendricks has steamrolled five straight welterweights and knocked Jon Fitch's head off into the fifth row in the process.

Well then it is obviously because GSP asked for Diaz to take care of some "unfinished business" like Dana said, right? Nope, that is not it either. GSP did not ask for this fight. This was a lie by Dana White.

Dana White told us this lie to hide us from the truth. After GSP showed no interest in fighting Anderson Silva, Dana decided to make the next big fight that he can sell (especially in Canada): GSP vs Diaz.

Dana then understood that making this fight would be inexplicable to the MMA community because Johny Hendricks is far more deserving than Diaz. So, Dana decided to pull a slick one on us and claim that GSP asked for this fight and wanted Nick Diaz.

Don't fall for it maniacs, Dana White and the UFC are the only people who wanted this fight. The PPV buys have been down so Dana understood he needed a big fight to get things back on track. He has been campaigning for super fights and he failed to get them together so he decided GSP vs Diaz was the next best thing.

It is a complete joke that the UFC made this fight, and it is an insult to Johny Hendricks that the UFC ignorantly put him on the same card as GSP.

But what we have to realize is this: Money talks homie

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