UFC on FX 6 fight card: TUF Smashes Finale preview

Poster via UFC

MMAmania.com has a preview of Friday night's UFC on FX 6 main card bouts featuring the finalist of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes season featuring team Australia vs Team UK. Find out how each man can be the next Ultimate Fighter below.

170 lbs.: Colin Fletcher (8-1) vs. Norman Parke (16-2)

Fletcher was one of the most colorful characters on this entire season. Nicknamed "The Freakshow," he has a very long and lanky body type which is very pale and covered with tattoos. He's also got a unique haircut and mutton chops. His sense of fashion also contributes to his moniker. Throughout the season, he showcases solid overall skills, defeating Ben Wall with a well-rounded attack both on the feet and on the ground to take a decision and then submitting injury replacement Richie Vaculik in the semifinals to earn his spot on the Finale.

Norman Parke was much more reserved. He was a member of Team UK despite hailing from Northern Ireland and his performances in the Octagon were very businesslike. Parke took his first opponent down at will and easily rode out a unanimous decision with his wrestling and he had a similar showing against Brendan Loughnane in the semifinals.

This fight will come down to Parke's considerable wrestling advantage against Fletcher's awkward well-roundedness. Fletcher will try to utilize his reach with kicks and jabs while mixing in more aggressive attacks like his spinning back fists while Parke will simply look to take him down and beat him up. If taken down, Fletcher isn't defenseless as he's got a long frame and is rather proficient with chokes. Parke has been submitted in his lone two professional losses so that's something to look out for.

155 lbs.: Robert Whittaker (9-2) vs. Brad Scott (8-1)

Robert Whittaker has been the surprise Australian sensation of the series and is the only Aussie to be represented in the finals. He showcased some serious punching prowess on the show, knocking Luke Newman out in just 19 seconds and then following that strong showing up with a first round TKO against injury replacement Xavier Lucas. Whittaker has some serious power in his fists and is capable of ending a fight at any moment's notice.

Brad Scott had a tougher road to the Finale. He was embarrassed on the show when his personal diary excerpt were read aloud but he stepped up and won his fights via decision to advance. After a dominant unanimous performance in the quarterfinals, he had a much more difficult and slightly controversial split decision win over Benny Alloway to make it to the finals.

Scott has some decent wrestling but what he really needs to do is avoid Whittaker's power. He can't go wading in recklessly like Whittaker's first opponent on the show and he can't sit back and let Whittaker go to work on the feet either. Scott's best path to victory is to neutralize the Aussie's striking either in the clinch or with takedowns. If he chooses to stand and bang, he's going to get put to sleep. Whittaker has fantastic counter strikes and his power is unmatched on the show. He's got some really solid technique and it would not be a big shocker if he finishes Scott after tagging him with a big right hand.

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