Cotto vs Trout results: LIVE round-by-round fight coverage of Showtime boxing match at MSG on Dec. 1


Puerto Rican boxing sensation, Miguel Cotto, will return to boxing tonight (Sat., Dec. 1, 2012) in front of a proud crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York, N.Y., to battle undefeated WBA junior middleweight champion Austin Trout in the Showtime-televised event. That's not all. Get full "Cotto vs. Trout" results and live event coverage right here!

Fresh off of giving Floyd Mayweather Jr. the fight of his life, Miguel Cotto returns to the squared circle tonight (Dec. 1, 2012) to take on unbeaten WBA junior middleweight champion Austin Trout at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of the event this evening, starting with the Showtime broadcast at 9 p.m. ET.

Thought done after his beatdowns at the hands of Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao, Cotto has been nothing short of stellar in the past 12 months, crushing Margarito in a rematch and pushing "Money" harder than perhaps anyone since Jose Luis Castillo.

Trout -- who nearly made the Olympics in 2004 -- has been doing good work himself, recently defeating Dominican bruiser Delvin Rodriguez and Rigoberto Alvarez, brother of Saul "Canelo," for the WBA 154-pound title. Trout has proclaimed himself "more ready than SpongeBob on his first day of work" for his bout with the pride of Puerto Rico.

In addition to the main event, Jayson Velez will face Salvador Sanchez II in a Mexico vs. Puerto Rico clash, while American knockout artist Danny Jacobs takes his second bout since defeating bone cancer to battle Chris Fitzpatrick.

'Cotto vs Trout' Quick Results:

Junior Middleweight Championship: Austin Trout def. Miguel Cotto by unanimous decision (117-111 x2, 119-109)

Featherweight: Jayson Velez def. Salvador Sanchez II by TKO at 0:38 of Round Three

Catchweight: Danny Jacobs def. Chris Fitzpatrick by RTD in Round Five

'Cotto vs Trout' Play-By-Play:

154 lbs.: Austin Trout vs. Miguel Cotto

Round one: Both land their jabs. One-two from Trout falls short. Good left hook from Cotto in close. Good body blow from Trout. Cotto lands a left hook, Trout responds to the body. Another Cotto left hook. Trout with a right hook of his own. Cotto gets him to the ropes and lands an uppercut. Big left hand from Trout hurts Cotto, but Cotto lands a big left of his own and they reset in center ring. Cotto lands to the body. Trout jabs to the gut. Solid right hand from the Puerto Rican to end things. Very close round, but 10-9 Cotto.

Round two: Cotto with a jab. Trout trying to work his jab low. Cotto lands a right to the body and they tie up. Trout doing well behind his right hand. Clinch. Trout digs to the body as they tie up, Cotto gets a sneaky uppercut in. Clinch. Good left downstairs by Trout. Clinch. Nice hooks from Trout as they break away. Right hook Trout, left hook Cotto. Cotto with a left downstairs. Nice left hook from Cotto as Trout throws, Trout slaps the body but eats a hook as he disengages. Cotto pulled closer near the end, but 19-19.

Round three: Cotto in pursuit early. Clinch. Cotto's left connects. CLinch, good uppercut inside by Trout. Good left to the gut. Another. Trout lands a right upstairs, Cotto rips a solid left downstairs. Another straight left to the body from Trout. Cotto with big shots downstairs on the ropes. Good left hook. Left hook Cotto as Trout disengages. Stiff jab. Body shot Cotto after a Trout right hand. Trout lands downstairs once more and a right to the head. Cotto connects upstairs and they clinch. Good left by Trout. Cotto lands his hook upstairs to end it; very good fight so far. 29-28 Cotto.

Round four: Trout's left straights land to the body. Smooth head movement by Cotto to avoid a flurry. Solid left from Trout. Cotto with a jab downstairs. Trout pumping his jab, eats a low-high duo. Cotto connects again with the left. Good one-two from Trout. Solid left from Cotto. One-two Cotto. Trout keeping the jab active, his left uppercut gets through. Clinch. Cotto digs to the body but eats an uppercut. Nice phone booth scrap. Trout has a combo blocked .Cotto thuds the body, then gets a low-high hook combo. Clinch, both men land well. Cotto's building momentum. 39-37 Cotto.

Round five: Cotto pressing forward, both men connect with hooks. Cotto uppercut inside. Nice Cotto body shot, Trout straight left and good uppercut in a three-piece combo. Trout straight. Cotto with a big left hook upstairs after a pair of shots to the body. Trout now to the body. Trout right hand, Cotto to the body. Cotto flurries on the ropes. Good shots by Miguel, Trout puts a straight into Cotto's balls. Cotto in pursuit and presses him into the ropes again. Trout lands a couple of solid lefts upstairs. Very good fight, but still Cotto's round. 49-46.

Round six: Both land hard, Trout slightly better. Trout straight left. Cotto strays low with his right hand. Trout bouncing shots off of Cotto's guard, gets a couple through. Cotto body blow and right hand up top. More good body work. Nice left from Cotto. Trout thumps with a left to the body. Cotto lands a left-right-left combo. Body shots from Cotto, chopping left by Trout. Trout lands a straight with Cotto on the ropes, the latter spins out. Great infight breaks out in the last 10 seconds. Closer, but another Cotto round. 59-55.

Round seven: Trout staying active with his jab. Cotto hook. Trout jabs to the body once again. Quick exchange, Cotto comes out on top. Nice high-low from Trout. Trout jab as Cotto comes in. Cotto glances a right off of Trout's dome. Good shots from Trout, one to the body. Right hook by Trout, bigger left hook from Cotto. Cotto lands a left and they clinch. Trout right hook once again. Both men punching to end the round. Better round for the American. 68-65 Cotto.

Round eight: Cotto always looks so sad. It's weird.

Trout working his straight to the body. Cotto presses forward behind a right. Trout very active and lands his body left. Another. Cotto with a thudding shot downstairs. Good hook upstairs, right hook Trout. Cotto's left connects. Good body work by Trout. Cotto clubs him with some good punches. Nice right hook by Trout. There's another. Cotto one-two. Cotto lands to the body but keeps eating that right hook. Good trade in close to end things, Trout on top. 77-75 Cotto.

Round nine: Clinch. Cotto to the body and head. Trout firing off straight punches and he's getting through Cotto's guard. Clinch as Cotto tries to push him to the ropes. Good uppercut by Trout and he's building momentum, but he slows it down by going low. Both guys land body shot inside. Great work by Trout in this round. Cotto trying to bully forward. Trout right hook. Both land lefts downstairs. Trout slaps the body with his jab. Good right-left from Cotto. Nice shots by both men in the last ten seconds. That's another one in the books for Trout. 86-85 Cotto.

Round ten: Trout with a straight left. Cotto to the body. Cotto to the body as Trout fires. Trout with a slick left straight. Good body blows from Cotto after Trout pops him. Cotto punch strays to the back of the head. Good left from Cotto as they disengage. Left-right from Trout. Good clinchwork from Trout. Nice hooks from Trout, Cotto responds downstairs. Trout stings Miguel coming in. Trout left uppercut connects. Cotto's lefts ding up Trout to end the round. Very good action at the end, very close round. I'm leaning towards Miguel, 96-94.

Round eleven: Trout keeping Cotto at bay with his jab. Lead left. Good left hook from Cotto. Big body shot from Cotto. One-two from Trout. Body shot Cotto. Trout right uppercut connects. Good Trout uppercut. Botto lands to the body and ladnds a left hook. Another good Cotto left hook. Trout is the aggressor but they're breaking even. Trout left straight. Left straight Trout, left hook Cotto. Trout firing away against the ropes. Cotto thumps the body. Great fight, Trout's round. 105-104 Cotto.

Round twelve: Cotto presses forward and lands a right after a tentative minute. Cotto to the body. Trout has Cotto on the ropes and is landing. Cotto with some short body shots. Cotto uppercut connects. Trout with a left-right. Check right hook lands for the champ, clinchwork from Cotto. Trout with a solid combination. Cotto in pursuit with power to end the fight, but can't reach Trout. 114-114, but I was very generous towards Cotto. Trout deserves a win more than he does.

Final result: 117-111, 117-111, and 119-109 for Austin Trout


126 lbs.: Jayson Velez vs. Salvador Sanchez II

Round one: Apparently, one of the announcers didn't know what "penultimate" means. That's sad.

Velez looking for a counter straight. He connects with it. Good right-left combination from Velez. Counter straight connects. Left uppercut, stiff jab. Sanchez just lands with a right and a good jab. There's that counter straight again. Velez left hook, then one to the body. Good right from Velez, right-left from Sanchez. Velez doubles up the low left hook to end the round in his favor, 10-9.

Round two: Velez with some stiff jabs. Good left uppercut in close from the Puerto Rican and a thudding left low. Sanchez lands a left low as Velez lands high. Big one-two and uppercut buckle Sanchez. He seems okay, but eats another big right against the ropes. Again. Again. Velez is battering the hell out of him. Uppercut and straight. Velez with another overhand right. Good pair of one-twos rattle Sanchez. Left uppercuts. Right straight and left hook. Another uppercut. Good right to the body. Stiff jab from Velez. Another right and uppercut send Sanchez stumbling to the ground right at the bell. 10-8, 20-17 Velez.

Round three: That was a beautiful combo that dropped him. Great work from Velez.

Velez bombing instantly and drops him inside ten seconds. He's up, but Velez isn't going away. Monster right hand sends Sanchez wobbling to the ropes and the ref rightly stops it. Ouch.

Final result: Velez def. Sanchez II by TKO


162 lbs.: Danny Jacobs vs. Chris Fitzpatrick

Round one: Jacobs is a 50-1 favorite. Yeah.

Jacobs starting southpaw. Lead straight connects, then a one-two. Right hook glances off, Fitzpatrick with a pair to the body. Another good body shot. Jacobs switches back to orthodox, but eats a right downstairs. Good jab from Jacobs. Body shot Jacobs, Fitzpatrick answers. Jab to the body from Jacob and one to the head. High-low combo.Left hook by Jacobs and a straight. Good counter hook. Triple jab by Jacobs. Slick body combo with one to the head for good measure. Clear round for the American, 10-9.

Round two: Jabs from Jacobs early. Check left by Jacobs. Fitzpatrick reaches the body with his right. Again. Another check left hook. Good straight from Fitzpatrick is answered by a jab. Another to the body from the Irishman. Jab trade. Series of jabs to the body by Jacobs. Fitzpatrick connects upstairs. Honestly, Jacobs just isn't throwing enough. Fitzpatrick lands a right but eats that counter left hook again. Right body shot from Fitzpatrick, 10-9 same based on activity. 19-19.

Round three: Jacobs back to southpaw. Fitzpatrick connects to the body. Once again, but they clash heads as he does. Jacobs switches back. Good combination. Fitzpatrick lands a jab, but eats one. Loud right hand stuns Fitzpatrick. Jacobs on the attack and lands some good shots. Vicious combination punching on the ropes by Jacobs. Things slow back down in center ring. Good low-high combo by Jacobs. Jacobs in full offense mode and he's battering Fitzpatrick. Overhand right at the bell punctuates an extremely one-sided round for the American. 29-28 Jacobs.

Round four: Glancing blows from both men to start the round. Fitzpatrick connects with his left hook downstairs. Jacobs does the same in counter form. Fitzpatrick jabs. Good left hook downstairs and a glancing overhand right. Jab exchanges. Jacobs to the body in close. Good Fitzpatrick jab. Couple of body shots from the Irishman. Slapping Jacobs left hook after eating a couple body blows. Jacobs erupts with bombs to end the round; Fitzpatrick did more, though. 38-38.

Round five: Fitzpatrick jab. Then one to the body. Solid one-two from Jacobs. Straight right gets through. Another right. I feel like Jacobs could put him away any time he wanted and is just getting some rounds in. Jacobs jabbing and lands a pair of rights. Good straight right. Overhand right stings Fitzpatrick. Whenever Jacobs attacks, Fitzpatrick shuts down. Jacobs tags him with a right and is on the attack once more. This isn't going to last the round. Fitzpatrick stumbles as Jacobs bombs away. Impressively, Fitzpatrick survives, but he got owned in that one. 10-9, 48-47 Jacobs.

Fitzpatrick quits on his stool. Lovely.

Final result: Jacobs def. Jacobs by RTD


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