MMAmania FFB Week 9 Recap and Week 10 Preview

Week 9 is in the books and week 10 kicked off last night with my Colts pulling down the panties of the Jaguars. As some of you might have seen, I flirted with starting the Colts defense only to pull them about 30 minutes before the game after seeing the injury report. They scored 20 points.



Let's take a look at the scores from last week:

Donkeypunch - 135.90

GriffinFan05 - 76.73

donkeypunch got 29.90 points from Eric Decker and 22.80 from Matt Forte to thump GriffinFan05, 135.90 - 76.73. It was a solid rout, and the 59.17-point margin of victory was the third-highest recorded in the league this season. GriffinFan05, coming off a 140.50 - 129.23 loss against Buster Bluth, saw their scoring drop substantially this week. donkeypunch (5-3-1, 1,088.27 points) climbs into fourth place and GriffinFan05 (4-5, 1,137.43 points) drops to eighth place.


Ulf Murphy - 120.67

Violent Mike - 98.67

After talking shit about Ulf's team all year, VM got bent over in week 9 by the Ulf man himself. Ulf Murphy (3-6, 1,058.13 points) beat ViolentMike (5-4, 1,164.46 points) 120.67 - 98.67, led by Mikel Leshoure with 25.00 points and Jimmy Graham who had 21.20. Ulf Murphy was the first to put points on the board and by Sunday was already in front 9.20 - 0. That lead faded away by the end of the early Sunday games and they trailed 84.70 - 67.20. Ulf Murphy closed out the matchup with a comeback on Monday. That trade is already paying dividends for our resident accountant.


BJPennfan - 171.00

Duece02 - 107.60

BJPennfan trashed Deuce02 171.00 - 107.60 while also putting up the second-highest point total in the league this week. It was an epic beatdown, and the 63.40-point margin of victory is the second-highest in the league this season. Larry Fitzgerald led Deuce02 with 19.40 points while Tony Romo brought in 16.70. To make matters worse, Deuce02 had a starter score zero points (Stephen Gostkowski). BJPennfan (6-3, 1,301.43 points) climbs into third place and Deuce02 (3-6, 1,006.80 points) sinks into last place.


DetroitDrew1980 - 151.70

Buster Bluth - 134.47

Our resident bleeder, DetroitDrew1980 picked up 25.00 points from the San Diego Chargers Defense and 20.50 from Chris Johnson to get the win over Buster Bluth 151.70 - 134.47. DetroitDrew1980 has beaten expectations three weeks straight and put up 16.3% more points than projected in this matchup. Brandon Marshall, with 39.20 points, brought in the second-highest score this week. DetroitDrew1980 (4-5, 1,152.20 points) climbs into seventh place and Buster Bluth (5-4, 1,277.95 points) drops to fifth place


Joben - 129.36

Shiv - 93.07

Shiv struggled to put up points this week and lost to Joben 129.36 - 93.07. These two teams have matching 6-3 records, but Shiv has a clear lead in points, 1,215.17 - 1,146.92. Joben is now coming out on top with regularity and is on a four-game win streak. Drink another Swedish Belgium Brown 6 month $40 IPA, Shiv.


Puck Head - 174.90

Mania's Pete Rose - 129.07

Kev got in a FFB fight last weekend... and he did not dominate. Puck Head (3-6, 1,101.84 points) beat Mania's Pete Rose (3-5-1, 1,205.23 points) 174.90 - 129.07, putting up the fourth-highest score of the season. Heading into Sunday, Puck Head was in front 14.80 - 3.40. That lead faded away by the end of the early Sunday games and they trailed 73.37 - 66.10. Puck Head took the lead back during the late Sunday games and held on for the victory.


Current standings through week 9:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Div Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves Division 1

1. Shiv 6-3-0 .667 4-2-0 1215.17 1156.37 L-1 4 22

4. donkeypunch 5-3-1 .611 2-3-1 1088.27 1030.05 W-1 8 17

6. ViolentMike 5-4-0 .556 4-2-0 1164.46 1175.94 L-2 10 22

7. DetroitDrew1980 4-5-0 .444 3-3-0 1152.80 1203.51 W-2 9 31

9. Mania's Pete Rose 3-5-1 .389 2-3-1 1205.23 1285.59 L-2 5 10

12. Deuce02 3-6-0 .333 2-4-0 1006.80 1129.97 L-1 2 4

Division 2

2. Joben 6-3-0 .667 5-1-0 1146.92 1088.33 W-4 11 15

3. BJPennfan 6-3-0 .667 4-2-0 1301.43 1134.60 W-2 1 9

5. Buster Bluth 5-4-0 .556 4-2-0 1277.95 1186.16 L-1 12 15

8. GriffinFan05 4-5-0 .444 3-3-0 1137.43 1165.40 L-2 6 11

10. Puck Head 3-6-0 .333 1-5-0 1102.84 1179.03 W-1 7 9

11. Ulf Murphy 3-6-0 .333 1-5-0 1058.13 1122.48 W-1 3 13


Here's a preview of Week 10:

Donkeypunch (126.91) goes up against Buster Bluth (137.77) which likely will be a drubbing. And not in a good way for the donkeys. See the opening paragraph... that's how this week will go for donkeypunch.

ViolentMike (125.93) says hello to BJPennfan (144.01) who in my opinion has the best team in the league. The Peyton manning aquisition from Ulf may have sealed the leagues fate. Godspeed VM

GriffinFan05 (116.38) and Mania'sPeteRose (131.67) square off in what will be Kev's road back to contetion. GriffinFan05 is forced to start Michael Bush once again and for the second week in a row he will not live up to his older brother's expectations.

Duece02 (117.24) has the best record in the league for guys who don't really participate in the league. He finally showed up on the waivers this week as he takes on Joben (130.45). In case anyone forgot, Joben is the other guy in the MMAmania FFB league who is no longer welcome at MMAmania.

Shiv (130.56) gets to start Frank Gore this week. I get to start neither Antonio Brown nor Demarco Murray this week because I'm terrible and those two players are pussies. Puck Head (140.10) is coming on like a sumbitch. This one should be good.

Ulf Murphy (117.53) vs. DetroitDrew1980 (137.31) Drew is quietly... Aww, who am I kidding. Who gives a fuck.

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