UFC 156: Frankie Edgar hopes Jose Aldo fight can provide momentary escape from Hurricane Sandy tragedy


As former champion Frankie Edgar prepares for his rescheduled title fight against UFC featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo at UFC 156 on Feb. 2, 2013, "The Answer" deals with the devastating of aftermath Hurricane Sandy left in his native New Jersey.

After a motorcycle injury to current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight champion postponed his title fight against former lightweight kingpin Frankie Edgar, which was scheduled to go down on Oct. 13, 2012, at UFC 153 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Zuffa officials rescheduled the title fight for Feb. 2, 2013, at UFC 156.

Though he was eager to get back into the Octagon to rid himself of the bad taste his previous loss to Ben Henderson at UFC 150 left in his mouth, "The Answer" doesn't have any qualms when it comes to waiting a bit longer to try and attempt to claim gold in another division.

And he doesn't have any ill will toward "Scarface" after the Brazilian commented that Edgar will always be number two in the 145-pound weight class. In addition, he wasn't upset with the feisty Brazilian for his pulling out of the fight, either.

From his appearance on the recent edition of "The MMA Hour:"

"I'm not going to knock the dude for that. You could hurt yourself walking down the stairs. I'm sure he's going to learn his lesson and hopefully not ride motorcycles during his training camp, or maybe wait until he's done with his fighting career."

Now that a new date is set for their showdown, Edgar says though he would have preferred to fight sooner, he is okay with swinging leather on SuperBowl weekend:

"I was looking forward to fighting October 13th. I still had a bad taste in my mouth from my last fight. I figured the best way to get over that was to jump back in there right away. That would have been cool. Plus the fact that you only had five weeks to prepare. You only had five weeks to be in your head. That would've been nice too. But I feel things happen for a reason. [It's] a blessing in disguise."

After Aldo adamantly proclaimed Edgar will always play second fiddle to him, "The Answer" says he doesn't let his opponent's comments get to him. If he did, then that would just prove he is in the wrong business:

"Everyone is going to say something, man. If I got too hyped up about everybody that I fought these past years, this ain't the sport for me. This is my seventh title fight in a row. My feathers don't get ruffled anymore. I got a job, and that's what I'm going to do come February 2nd."

A native of the "Garden State," Edgar was one of many affected by the devastating wrath of Hurricane Sandy. Witnessing first-hand the aftermath of the super storm, Edgar is saddened by all the wreckage left by the super storm and says fighting will help alleviate the sadness even if for a little while:

"The whole boardwalk literally, if it's not torn up, it needs to be replaced. I don't know what they're going to do, how they're going to re situate it, because they're going to have to do something. It's real sad. I grew in these places. Just beside the fact that Seaside, that's where I used to go in the summer, every summer, this past summer I hung out there all the time; it's more so, just the people who lost their homes. You want to see them bounce back. It's just real tough. I always say, I've got my town on my back. Where I'm from on my back. And now it's just tenfold going through this tragedy. I was watching the [New York] Giants' game this past weekend, and they're talking about how this gets people's minds off of the story, off of the devastation. Anytime we can do that in the cage, it's just that much better."

How about it Maniacs, can Edgar rip the title away from the tight grasp of Aldo? Can a win for the Jersey native lift the spirits of struggling community, even if just for a little while?

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