The Walking Dead: Episode 4 recap and discussion


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Get a good look at Lori, fellow Walkers, it's probably the last time you'll ever see her.

That's because she bled to death after getting an emergency C-section in an abandoned prison by a farm girl with a hunting knife, just minutes before her adolescent son shot her in the head to prevent her from becoming a zombie.

Read that again.

You young folks may be desensitized to this sorta thing, but us old timers can remember when programs like The Brady Bunch weren't even allowed to show a toilet on screen. My, how times have changed. In addition, T-Dog was devoured in an effort to save Carol, of all people, who on the Nostradumbass scale of most valuable players, may rank somewhere behind Herschel.

That's saying something, considering he's like 70 and has half a leg.

And why was she parading around the cell block in that Douglas Quaid/Brubaker ID turban? Despite the deaths, our head count doesn't change as the group now inherits that Rampage ripoff and his whimpering sidekick who is good with tools.

Merle power!

Andrea wants Gov'ner Philip to fill up her booty and Micchone clomps around fauxtopia brooding over her lost pets while demonstrating what a degree from the Tom Welling school of acting will get you. Seriously, is it any surprise they named that place Woodbury with her one-note performance?

Still, this was an awesome episode.

It was gory, exciting, action-packed and emotional. You've heard from me in this week's edition of The Talking Thread, now I want to hear from you. What was good or bad about last night's bloodbath?

And how do you feel about the new list of casualties?

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