Anderson Silva is a 'money' fight for Georges St. Pierre but Johny Hendricks is number one contender

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

If Georges St. Pierre wants to make a ton of money, he should fight Anderson Silva. But if he wants to continue battling the top contenders in his own division, he needs to fight Johny Hendricks, or at least that's what Hendricks' camp is saying.

If Georges St. Pierre wants to make Anderson Silva money, well, he should move up in weight and fight Anderson Silva. But if he wants to continue taking on all comers in the division he actually calls home, the weight class he's been champion of for four years now, he needs to fight the top contender.

And that man is Johny Hendricks.

That's what Mike Dolce is saying anyway, telling that it's a simple choice for St. Pierre.

"If you want to talk about a money fight, if GSP wants a money fight, he fights Anderson Silva. If it's about the money, he bumps up, he fights Anderson, and he makes the biggest payday in all of mixed martial arts history. If he's not fishing for that payday and he wants to defend his title, he has to defend his title against Johny Hendricks, who is the clear cut No. 1 contender. It's the end of the story."

Hendricks has now made clear that he won't fight again unless a championship is on the line, a hard position he's entitled to after his crushing knockout victory over Martin Kampmann in the co-main event of UFC 154 this past Nov. 17 in Montreal.

But is it one that will backfire on him eventually?

UFC President Dana White has made it clear he wants to make the St. Pierre vs. Silva fight. While it's possible the two fight once more before getting together in the cage, it seems unlikely that would be the plan of action for the promotion.

Because why risk it?

Then again, the two sides are disagreeing strongly on what weight the hypothetical super-fight should be contested at, a tug-of-war showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The welterweight champ is on vacation now anyway, off allowing his team to speak on his behalf.

And they're saying some crazy things.

That's why it's smart for Hendricks to drop a line and say 'hey, you can fight me at the same weight you want to fight Silva at and continue defining your legacy at 170-pounds.'

Makes sense, right? Or no? What scenario do you prefer?

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