Glory 3 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Rome Final 8' kickboxing tournament

GLORY 3: "Rome Final 8" is set to kick off today from PalaLottomatica from Rome, Italy, at 3:30 p.m. ET, featuring a stacked, one-day 70 kilogram tournament that features many of the best kickboxers that the sport has to offer. And is going to deliver LIVE results and updates of all the action this afternoon.

'Tis the season.

No, not for love and generosity and togetherness and all that schmaltzy garbage -- 'tis the season for one-night kickboxing tournaments. And they don't come much better than GLORY 3: "Rome Final 8."

This Saturday afternoon (Nov. 3, 2012), newfound kickboxing kingpin GLORY will host the finals of its 70 kilogram tournament, with one damn fine assortment of bruisers in tow at PalaLottomatica from Rome, Italy.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of the event, starting with the online PPV at 3:30 p.m. ET.

"Stacked" barely begins to describe this field. In the first match up, America's Ky Hollenbeck takes on two-time K-1 MAX champion and arguably number-one pound-for-pound combat athlete on the planet, Giorgio Petrosyan. Next, Swiss standout Shemsi Beqiri faces Georgian karate stylist and Semmy Schilt protege Davit Kiria.

On the other side of the bracket, England's Tim Thomas takes on It's Showtime "Fast and Furious" champion Robin van Roosmalen, while Japanese veteran Yoshihiro Sato faces Sanny Dahlbeck.

Two reserve matches will also take place: Dzhabar Askerov vs. Warren Stevelmans and Fabio Pinca vs. Alessandro Campagna.

Check out the GLORY 3: "Rome Final 8" bracket, as well as's tournament play-by-play below.


Patrick here! Time for GLORY.


Warren Stevelmans vs. Dzhabar Askerov

Round one: Leg kicks start things off. Teep from Askerov, leg kick. Good left hand by Askerov as Stevelmans comes in, Stevelmans connects with a flurry in response. Teeps from both. Good jab and left hook by Askerov, who eats a left to the body. Good punches from both men. Leg kick and left hook by Stevelmans, Askerov backs him off with hooks. Left hook to leg kick from Stevelmans. Askerov lands a knee to the body. Head kick from Askerov is blocked.Good double left hook from Askerov and Stevelmans drops him with a sneaky right over the top. Askerov back up and makes it to the bell. 10-8 Stevelmans.

Round two: Askerov working the kicks early. Nice overhand right from Stevelmans briefly stuns Askerov and Stevelmans tries to press the advantage but gets tied up. Stevelmans slips on a leg kick. Step-in knee from Askerov lands to the body. Left to the body for Dzhabar, Stevelmans lands one of his own. Glancing knee by Askerov. Stevelmans with a leg kick. Nasty combination by Stevelmans and Askerov's lead leg isn't looking good. Good hooks from Askerov. Leg kick exchange. Two lefts to the body for Askerov; he's the more damaged fighter, but he outworked Stevelmans this round. 10-9 Askerov.

Round three: Leg kick for Askerov, knee to the body. Stevelmans working that leg, but eats a glancing left hook. Askerov to the body, once more with a knee. Straight by Askerov; Stevelmans just isn't throwing. Kick exchange. Good counter left by Dzhabar. Stevelman stings him with a long left at the end of a combo. Stevelmans leg kick is met with a body shot. Askerov goes low-high and scores. Stevelmans leg kick, Askerov tries to flurry but hits glove. Askerov slips. Left hooks connect for both. Wheel kick for Askerov is blocked, he thumps the body a couple more times before the bell. This round's clearly Askerov's; 10-9 same.

Final Result: Stevelmans def. Askerov by decision


Fabio Pinca vs. Alessandro Campagna

Round one: Quadros, Shamrock, you two know nothing about kickboxing. Sit down, shut up, let Dekkers talk.

Pinca working the kicks, but Campagna stings him with a right through the guard. Clinch. Left hook from Pinca and they clinch again. Campagna lands a straight to the body. Heavy exchange as Pinca backs Campagna into the corner. Pinca with five left body kicks in quick succession. He's spamming that move and works Campagna into the corner, where they flurry. Pinca with a takedown into half guard, they reset. Campagna's just too sloppy here. Another body kick, they flurry on the ropes. Clinch. Clinch. Good left hand by Pinca, clinch. Campagna catches a kick and smacks Pinca with a straight. Missed spinning backfist from Pinca ends the round; clear 10-9 Pinca.

Round two: Campagna lands a counter that wobbles Pinca. Clinch. Good long punches by Campagna land and he sweeps Pinca down. Clinch. Good left-right by Campagna, clinch. Failed spinning back kick by Pinca. Pinca lands a body kick and a left hand before they clinch again. Campagna to the leg, Clinch. Low blow by Campagna, ref helps Pinca out and they start up again. Body kick and left connect for Pinca. Campagna lands some hard punches and Pinca clinches. Clinch. Teep to the face connects for Campagna; this was his round, 10-9.

Round three: Pinca right back to the body kick. They trade inside before Pinca clinches. Another body kick leads to a clinch. Clinch. Campagna catches a kick and tosses Pinca down. Knees in the clinch. Pinca lands a left and they clinch. Pinca lands a handful of punches before clinching again. Another clinch and Pinca hip-tosses Campagna, which earns him a point deduction. Clinch. Pinca bulls forward and connects in the corner. Knees in the clinch. Clinch. Body kick Pinca, leg kick Campagna. There's the bell; 9-9 Pinca. Should be an extension round.

Final Result: Campagna def. Pinca by decision.

I have no idea how the scoring works. It's weird.



Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Ky Hollenbeck

Round one: Hollenbeck throws a spinning elbow and gets warned for it. Petro with a roundhouse to the guts. Leg kick Petrosyan. Knee from Hollenbeck in the clinch. Clinch. Body kick Petrosyan; his defense is brilliant. Right hook Petrosyan momentarily stuns Hollenbeck. Hollenbeck's spinning backfist misses. HUGE right hook from Petrosyan crumples Hollenbeck! The American's up, but that was a hard knockdown. Petrosyan lands a straight after the restart. Another counter right hook. Push kick from Hollenbeck. Clinch. Big straight from Petrosyan kicks off a combination that knocks Hollenbeck's mouthpiece out. Reset. Body kick from Petro. Another. Slip on a high kick and there's the bell; utter domination from Petrosyan.

Round two: It's weird; Petrosyan's arms are always in the perfect position to block. I don't think Hollenbeck has landed five clean head shots.

Lead knee from Petrosyan; somehow, Hollenbeck's knee gives out and they call it. Not sure what happened, but that's a TKO win for Petrosyan, who looks as brilliant as ever.

Final Result: Petrosyan def. Hollenbeck by TKO (knee injury)


Shemsi Beqiri vs. Davit Kiria

Round one: Seriously, Shammy. Shut up.

Beqiri working the left body kick. Kiria has a high kick blocked, leg kick gets through. Good body shot from Kiria. Shemsi doesn't want to keep backing into the ropes. Good straight from Kiria, who catches a kick. Beqiri smacks him with a right against the ropes. Kiria is going full throttle; Shemsi misses with a spinning back kick. Body shot Kiria, left body kick. Another body kick hurts Beqiri and Kiria tries to pour it on; flying heel kick from Beqiri misses but gives him time to recover. Kiria forces him into the ropes. Beqiri lands one of his own to the body, but gets thumped with a left hook. Kiria is on fire right now; 10-9.

Round two: Low blow right at the opening bell from Kiria. They restart and Kiria thumps the body with his kick. Leg kick Beqiri, body kick and body hook from Kiria. Left hook by Beqiri, then a body kick. Rolling thunder from Kiria, but it doesn't land. Body kick does, though. Beqiri with short blows point-blank. Kiria lands a long right and an overhand; Beqiri needs to stay the hell off the ropes. Shemsi lands a right but gets backed up again and eats an inside leg kick. Left hook up close backs Kiria up, right hand hits flush. Another spinning kick attempt by Kiria doesn't land. Knee to the body from Beqiri may have hurt Kiria, but nothing develops before the bell; close round, but I think Beqiri stole it right at the end. 10-9; all tied up.

Round three: Judges all scored that last one for Kiria; understandable.

Shemsi firing right off the bat. Uppercut and leg kick. Body kicks from Kiria, leg kick from Beqiri. Axe kick from Kiria doesn't land. Hard left uppercut by Beqiri, who is doing a great job of blocking Kiria's punches. Body shot and body kick by Kiria. Leg kick Beqiri. Body kick from Kiria is answered by a leg kick from Beqiri. Head kick Beqiri just misses and another axe kick from Kiria fizzles. Left hook up close from Beqiri and another. Kiria lands a left. Beqiri knees to the body and the chest. Good combo from Beqiri, both men try flying at once and miss. Shemsi with a leg and body kick, there's the round. 10-9 Beqiri, but too little, too late.

Final Result: Kiria def. Beqiri by decision


Tim Thomas vs. Robin van Roosmalen

Round one: Thomas has a one-two blocked; van Roosmalen in peek-a-boo defense. Thomas caught by a right inside. Thomas just bouncing straights off of Robin's guard; Robin's not moving his head or doing much to get inside. Flurry up close from Robin lands. van Roosmalen gets him to the ropes but gets tied up. Leg kick exchange. Clinch. Thomas needs to stay the hell off the ropes. Body kick from van Roosmalen, Thomas ties him up as he gets close. Nice flurry from van Roosmalen and Thomas waves him on. Clinch. Thomas lands to the body but gets thwacked with another flurry. Think van Roosmalen pulled ahead at the end there; 10-9 same.

Round two: Thomas needs to get off the ropes. Like, now.

Leg kick from Thomas and a good jab. Another good flurry in close from van Roosmalen off a missed Thomas knee. Again. van Roosmalen is thumping him every time he gets TNT to the ropes, which is always. Body shot for van Roosmalen. Clinch.


van Roosmalen unloading on Thomas and he's pulverizing him. Thomas gets a standing eight-count and stumbles during it. van Roosmalen on him right off the bat; Thomas gets another eight count. van Roosmalen fires everything as soon as they restart and there it is. Brutal work by van Roosmalen.

Final Result: van Roosmalen def. Thomas by TKO


Yoshihiro Sato vs. Sanny Dahlbeck

Round one: Man, Sato towers over Dahlbeck. Not good for Sanny when his opponent's nickname is "Infinite Sniper."

Sato backs Dahlbeck into the corner and they exchange shots before tying up. Nice straights from both. Dahlbeck tries some head kicks, has them blocked and eats some leg kicks. Left straight from Dahlbeck, Sato with a straight right. Knee to the body from the Swede, he eats a leg kick. Good straight from Dahlbeck. Another left from Sanny. Leg kick trade. Knee to the body by Sato in close. Overhand left from Dahlbeck and another straight. Another straight. One-way traffic for Dahlbeck, 10-9.

Round two: Dahlbeck looks fantastic. I'm impressed.

Counter left by Dahlbeck off the bat. Sato lands a right-left. Another counter right, Dahlbeck smacks him coming in. More lefts from Dahlbeck. Clinch. Again. Sato lands some good straight shots in close. Another right from Sato, beautiful left uppercut by Dahlbeck. Knee to the body connects for Sato. They trade punches in the corer, Sato knees the body. Clinch. BEAUTIFUL straight left from Dahlbeck knocks Sato down! Sato up but be looks bad; Dahlbeck on the attack and drops Sato with a knee to the body; the referee stops the fight. Dahlbeck is the first man since 2006 to stop Yoshihiro Sato. Wow.

Final Result: Dahlbeck def. Sato by TKO


We're apparently having superfights now. Gives the guys time to rest.

Superfight: Alka Matewa vs. Marco Re

Round one: Matewa lands a right hand early and they tie up. Left-right Matewa and another clinch. NICE leg kick by Re seems to stumble Matewa, but it may have been a slip. Both men land knees to the body. Re lands a low kick as Matewa lunges in and the latter falls. Reset. They clinch again and trade to the guts. Matewa catches a kick and sweeps Re down. Good low kick from Matewa after Re gets to his feet. Matewa catches another kick and lands a knee to the body. Matewa lunges in, gets caught with something, and drops; no clue what did that, but he gets a count. 10-9 Re.

Round two:And because the replay operators are idiots, we don't get to see what dropped Matewa. Lovely.

Good right hand off the bat from Matewa drops Re; Re is up but doesn't look steady. Spinning backfist misses, leg kick doesn't. Good Re knee is answered by a pair of short rights. Knee exchange in the clinch. Re slips. Another spinning backfist is blocked; Matewa slips and Re accidentally lands a glancing knee while he's down. No harm done, they restart. Re sweeps Matewa down. Left hook connects for Matewa. Third missed spinning backfist. Solid knee for Matewa, they both fall over. There's the bell;both guys are getting exhausted, but that's Matewa's round. 10-8.

Round three: Good body hook from Matewa before he gets tied up. Clinch. Knee to the body for Re, another clinch. Thudding leg kick by Matewa trips up Re. Matewa's mouthpiece falls out, they restart. Nice leg kicks from Re. Matewa looks completely gassed at this point. Knee in the clinch from Re; Matewa trips and takes so long to get up that he gets a standing eight-count. Matewa lands a sloppy body shot and completely whiffs a spinning backfist. Bell sounds, 10-8 Re.

Final Result: Matewa def. Re by decision


Ignore the fact that the last fight is centered for some reason. I keep trying to fix the alignment, but every time I hit "publish," it goes right back to what it was.

Orrrrr just one superfight? Is the other one after the semis? I don't know.


Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Davit Kiria

Round one: Why is this stupid thing randomly centering everything? Who knows.

Good body kick from Kiria answered by Petrosyan. Leg kick Petro. Knee to the body inside from Giorgio, Kiria responds with a left hook. Leg kick Petro once again. Kiria tries another rolling thunder, which Quadros and Shamrock fail to recognize because THEY'RE MMA ANNOUNCERS WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT KICKBOXING. GAH.

Anyway, Kiria lands a leg kick. Good counter right hand by Petrosyan. Slick counter left by Petrosyan, then both men land their rights. Looks like Petro's landed a little better. Petrosyan working his power leg and landing; close round, but one for Petro, 10-9.

Also, did Quadros seriously just say "the doctor is in session?" How stupid are these guys?

Round two: Nice counter right from Petrosyan as Kiria moves in. Lead knee connects. Clinch. Petro with a leg kick. Leg kicks. Leg kick from Petrosyan and he deftly avoids Kiria's punches. Petrosyan slips slightly, but still avoids Kiria's shots. Petrosyan with a one-one-body kick, then a leg kick. Kiria whiffs again. Petrosyan again with brilliant head movement and he owned that round. 10-9 Petrosyan.

Round three: Petrosyan blocking everything Kiria throws. Nice right hook. Big straight gets through Kiria's guard. Leg kick. Defensive clinic being put on by Petrosyan as he lands another leg kick. Counter right hook. Petrosyan kick strays low, but Kiria doesn't take any time. Kiria backs Giorgio into the ropes but can't connect. Kiria whiffs an axe kick. Good right from Petrosyan and a leg kick. Body knee from Petrosyan to end things; who can stop this guy? 10-9 Petrosyan.

Final Result: Petrosyan def. Kiria by decision


Robin van Roosmalen vs. Sanny Dahlbeck

Round one: This is going to be friggin' crazy.

Shamrock, I swear to God. You say one more stupid word and I will beat you with your own digestive system.

Dahlbeck working the push kick early; probably a good idea. van Roosmalen lands a right body kick. Dahlbeck still flicking out the lead leg. van Roosmalen is lethal on the inside; but he doesn't really have any way to get there. Dahlbeck to the body. Again, with a knee this time. Straight connects for van Roosmalen. Clinch. Same body combination once again. van Roosmalen finally lands a right, but that's it. Leg kick van Roosmalen, body combo Dahlbeck. van Roosmalen rushes him and lands a couple rights. Leg kick. HUGE RIGHT FROM VAN ROOSMALEN AND DAHLBECK IS DOWN! Sanny gets to his feet, but DAMN. 9-9 round, according to Glory's weird-ass scoring system.

Round two: Dahlbeck now trying to get the high kick going. Nothing getting through so far. Knee to the body from Dahlbeck, who's working the one-two to keep van Roosmalen off him. Robin lands a right. Dahlbeck keeping van Roosmalen at range quite well and trips him up. Clinch. Good right inside by van Roosmalen and a knee. Knee exchange in the clinch. Clinch. Knees in close by Dahlbeck, who stumbles van Roosmalen with a left. Right uppercut inside and a hook flatten Dahlbeck! Sanny's back up and survives the round. Crazy fight; 9-9 again.

Round three: Knees inside for both men. Jumping knee to the breadbasket by the Swede, who gets swarmed by van Roosmalen but survives. Left hook to the body by van Roosmalen puts Dahlbeck down a third time; he gets up, but there's nothing left in him and the ref stops it. This little bastard hits hard.

Final Result: van Roosmalen def. Dahlbeck by TKO


Okay, superfight time again.

Superfight: Jordan Watson vs. Mustapha Haida

Round one: Inside leg kick by Haida answered by a body kick. Another solid body kick from Watson. Haida head kick blocked. Leg kick from Watson and a good right as they tie up. Another body kick. Big uppercut up close and a hook to follow by Haida. Nice kicks from Watson. Body kick from Watson hurts Mustapha but Haida ties him up. Watson tosses Haida down. Another body kick. Good uppercut by Haida lands. Watson head kick blocked, teep puts Haida on his ass. There's the bell, dominant round for Watson. 10-9.

Round two: Cracking body kicks from Watson. Mustapha with a left that may have landed. Watson with two kicks more to the body. Watson with a hard right as Haida rushes in and trips him up with a kick. Another counter right. Watson head kick just misses. Knee to the body in close and three hard right hands. Watson is kicking his ass at this point, 10-9.

Round three: Haida swinging big, but can't land. Leg and body kicks by Watson. Spinning heel kick misses for Mustapha and is answered with a body kick. High kick from Haida is blocked. Watson narrowly avoids a knee and lands another body kick. Haida gets backed into the ropes and nearly falls out. Body knee this time. Right-left from Watson, Mustapha body shot. The left side of Haida's body is one big welt at this point. Straight left from Haida, Watson tosses him down. Clinch. Body kick again; Mustapha tries to answer with a heel kick but no dice. Left from Haida, clinch. Watson ends it with body kicks; excellent work. 10-9 Watson.

Final result: Watson def. Haida by decision


Final Match:

Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Robin van Roosmalen

Round one: Robin needs to go absolutely balls-out. He cannot try to match technique; he needs to get in Petrosyan's face immediately.

Leg kick from van Roosmalen; Petrosyan working the teep. van Roosmalen clicking at the lead leg and manages to block a Petrosyan one-one-two. Petrosyan comes in, Robin lands to the body. Short right by van Roosmalen, but Petrosyan is keeping him at bay with long straights. Body kick from Petro. Right uppercut from van Roosmalen answered by a body kick. LEg kick Petrosyan, body kick van Roosmalen. Beautiful head movement from Petro as he avoids a flurry. Left from Petro slips through the guard. Clinch, van Roosmalen body knee. Petrosyan lands a knee to the body. Again. Leg kick and lovely counter left to end the round; 10-9 Petrosyan.

Round two: Push kick from Petro and a stiff jab. Another push kick. Petrosyan avoids a flurry but eats a leg kick. Leg kick Petro and a knee, but Robin lands a short right. Clinch. Body shot from van Roosmalen. Petrosyan with a push kick. Right hook Petrosyan, uppercut van Roosmalen as they clinch. Body kick Petro and a knee. Another knee, van Roosmalen with a leg kick. Body shot van Roosmalen. Hard leg kick from Petro, clinch. Nice rights by van Roosmalen in close, Petrosyan kick strays low. Much closer round, but still Giorgio's in my book. 10-9 Petrosyan.

Round three: Petrosyan head kick is blocked. Robin trying to get in close and flurry but just unable to. Nice jab from Petro. Petrosyan using his right hand to keep van Roosmalen out of range. Leg kick van Roosmalen and a body knee. Push kick for Petro. Robin lands a left to the body, Petro lands a knee. Robin lands to the body against the ropes. Robin lands an unnercut and a right, but glancing. Teep from Petro, clinch. Clinch. Robin throwing to end the fight, but can't land. You could make an argument that Robin won the last round, but even then, Giorgio Petrosyan will be the GLORY 70 kg champion. 10-9 Petrosyan.

Final result: Petrosyan def. van Roosmalen by decision


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