Let's Discuss the Future of the Mania Money Pool




That's the fitting description I could think of the current state of the American economy Mania Money Pool.

Everyone of us know that our beloved and trustworthy Commissioner Jay is stepping out as Commissioner of our own Mania Money Pool. Jay has done an excellent job at being patient and on time as far as giving the winner's payments are concerned. But as they say, all good things will end. It's the end of Jay's reigns this season.

IN THIS CASE, WE NEED A COMMISSIONER TO STEP UP if we want to have the current Money Pool to continue.

What is expected of the Commissioner?

  1. Collect all the entry fees that will be sent through mailed envelopes, Western Union or any other payment methods except PP.
  2. Invite those who would want to join and Kick out those who will not be able to send their entry fees on time.
  3. Send the winning fees to the three (or two depending if the third would want to still collect his or just use as an advanced entry fee for future seasons).
  4. I, Phasebook, will be in charge of the recap and after-events posts and the invitations posts.
  5. I am not sure of this but a Commissioner should get 10% (or even more?) of the winner's fees. Is that right Jay?

PLEASE, someone needs to step up and take the challenge. We don't want to have this wonderful pool be gone. We could have a lock out season but we will not be sure how long it would take.

You might ask, why not me? PHASE. Sorry, I would like to turn down your suggestions as I am from a third world country and that the temptations will always be there on my part with that large amount of money we will be collecting. Also, I don't have any way of paying the winners unless through Western Union which we have here. I am contented with writing the posts.

There have been names coming up: Pride, Scottidog, VM, Deuce, Stinky, but so far all options are nebulous.

Props to stinky for this trophy.



Come on Maniacs, let's have the discussions, recommendations and proposals running. Time is not on our side.

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