Rory MacDonald 'doesn't care' about B.J. Penn's fights with Georges St. Pierre; Doesn't think 'Rush' will be in his UFC on FOX 5 corner


Rory MacDonald is on the verge of the biggest fight of his life against BJ Penn at UFC on FOX 5. And while many fighters would be vigorously studying past tape of their opponent in the lead-up to the fight, "Ares" says he simply doesn't care about Penn's past, even though "The Prodigy" has fought MacDonald's training partner Georges St. Pierre twice.

Despite being a close friend and training partner to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Rory MacDonald, UFC 170-pound title-holder Georges St. Pierre will not accompany his Canadian brethren to Seattle, Wash., for UFC on FOX 5 on Dec. 8, 2012.

MacDonald meets former two-division UFC champion B.J. Penn next Saturday night in one of the featured bouts of the organization's fifth showcase on the network television. With St. Pierre having faced and defeated Penn twice before at UFC 58 then again at UFC 94, logic would point to toward "Rush" giving "Ares" as much advice as possible.

According to MacDonald, though, he hasn't spoke much to St. Pierre about his upcoming bout against "The Prodigy."

"...I didn't really ask him anything." MacDonald said Tuesday on the UFC on FOX 5 pre-fight media conference call. "I mean I watched it, I mean he told me a few things but it's not like -- I'm not really the guy who wants to know everything about somebody. I don't really care."

With St. Pierre having spent 35 minutes in the cage with Penn, he unquestionably possesses a vast amount of inside knowledge regarding the Hawaiian. Those fights took place years ago, though, and MacDonald believes Penn's current skill set could differ entirely from his fights against St. Pierre.

"I mean, for all I know B.J. could have completely changed his training," said MacDonald. "Like maybe he's a Muay-Thai fighter now, who knows. I just try to -- I just get better as a fighter and a martial artist and I just react to what's in there. I really don't care about the past, or, you know."

While MacDonald attempts brush off any correlation between St. Pierre's fights against Penn and his own upcoming bout, the British Columbia native will admit that the welterweight champ gave him a few small tips, but nothing more.

"He's told me a few things that were interesting, but that's about it."

UFC on FOX 5: "Henderson vs. Diaz" will feature a main event that will see Ben Henderson attempt to make his second lightweight title defense against Nate Diaz. Along with the Henderson vs. Diaz headliner, a light heavyweight contest between Mauricio Rua and Alexander Gustafsson is set to serve as the co-main event of the evening.

MacDonald and Penn, meanwhile, are scheduled to sling leather in the second televised fight of the night.

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