MMAmania FFB Week 12 Recap and Week 13 Preview - the final week of the regular season

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and all that.... This will be a bit briefer than usual, but I gotta get the current standings posted, list out the different playoff scenarios and talk about my epic comeback on Drew this week.

Speaking of which, lets get right into last week's scores.

GriffinFan - 140.30

BJPennfan - 140.00

Just when BJ thought he might have a chance at the bye, my bro comes along and squashes those dreams with one of, if not the narrowest victory of the season. If Desean Jackson didn't put up those 2 something points before getting injured for the season, the beej would have won.


Deuce - 151.70

Kevin - 129.40

Deuce's squad was led by Tony Romo's big Thanksgiving fantasy day and Kev's hopes of winning were squashed when the Giants creamed the Packers (which actually sounds kinda gross).


Buster - 143.27

Joben - 142.37

Another win by less than a point keeps Buster's hopes of a first round bye alive, which I'll get to shortly. Both teams were led by their QB play on Thanksgiving. Buster's RG3 and Joben's Brady.


Shivan - 142.10

donkeypunch - 91.87

A big win for Shivan and a big loss for donkey. Shiv is now in control of the bye and donkey just might miss the playoffs. And to be honest, looking at his team, he should.


Puck Head - 120.93

Ulf - 95.80

Puck had a record THREE goose eggs - Miles Austin, Pierre Thomas and Vernon Davis yet was still able to get a win for two reasons. Cam Newton. And he was playing Ulf.


ViolentMike 171.70

DetroitDrew - 167.70

This divisional rivalry game was a doozy. Drew's entire team played either on Thanksgiving or at 1 on Sunday. He had big days from most of his team. At one point, watching RedZone was pretty rough. I watched Julio Jones get an 80 yard TD catch. 10 seconds later, Demaryius Thomas gets a 20 yard TD catch, and no more than 2 seconds later, I watch Trent Richards run one in. One minute of time, and 31 points for Drew. Ouch. I thought I was toast. So I went and smoked one to the dome... At the end of the 1 o'clock games, I trialed Drew by 110 points. But I did still have 4 players, a defense and Greg The Leg left to play. If I could get 25 points from each player, (Nicks, Cobb, Rice and Bryce Brown) and over 10 total from my defense and kicker, I could pull it off, I was trying to stay optimistic at this point. So during hte 4 oclock games, my kicker got 7. My defense gets two pick sixes (and was 1 yard away from a third) and scored 23 points. And Ray Rice along with his 4th and 29 conversion pitched in 24.4. Next up, the Giants vs Packers. Nicks held up his end of the deal and put up 18.7 but Randall Cobb only scored 9 and change. That meant all I had left was some rookie named Bryce Brown that John G had been hyping all preseason (but he also hyped Foles up too, so 50/50 ain't too bad I suppose). He hadn't started a game since high school, and I needed 27 points from him. Well, as you already know, he fucking tore it up and scored 30.9 points despite fumbling twice. Bryce Brown sir, you are the motherfucking man. Thank you. This one had to hurt for Drew With a win, he would have pretty much clinched a playoff spot. But now, he is on the outside looking in.


And now, I present to you, the standings.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Div Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
Division 1
*1. Shiv 8-4-0 .667 5-3-0 1609.90 1525.94 W-1 11 29
5. ViolentMike 7-5-0 .583 6-2-0 1598.40 1596.27 W-2 12 31
6. donkeypunch 6-5-1 .542 2-5-1 1404.17 1406.22 L-2 9 22
7. DetroitDrew1980 6-6-0 .500 4-4-0 1601.94 1652.07 L-1 8 40
9. Mania's Pete Rose 5-6-1 .458 3-4-1 1569.87 1624.35 L-1 4 13
11. Deuce02 4-8-0 .333 3-5-0 1390.77 1496.64 W-1 2 5
Division 2
*2. Joben 8-4-0 .667 6-2-0 1544.02 1456.54 L-1 10 20
3. BJPennfan 7-5-0 .583 4-4-0 1711.86 1555.44 L-2 1 10
4. Buster Bluth 7-5-0 .583 6-2-0 1695.59 1584.63 W-2 6 16
8. GriffinFan05 6-6-0 .500 5-3-0 1510.36 1527.67 W-2 5 12
10. Puck Head 4-8-0 .333 2-6-0 1481.90 1588.69 W-1 7 10
12. Ulf Murphy 3-9-0 .250 1-7-0 1408.06 1512.38 L-3 3 14

And now what you all came here for, the playoff scenarios.

Shivan and Joben have each clinched playoff births, but neither have clinched byes

Shivan earns the Division 1 bye with a win OR a ViolentMike loss.

ViolentMike earns the bye if he wins AND Shivan loses

ViolentMike clinches a playoff birth with a win

Donkeypunch clinches a playoff birth with a win.

DetroitDrew needs to win AND have either ViolentMike or donkey to lose to make the playoffs

Kevin and Deuce have been eliminated. They are simply playing for pride at this point.

Joben earns the Division 2 bye with a win OR Buster Bluth loss

Buster Bluth will get the bye if he wins AND Joben loses

BJPennFan and Buster Bluth look to be a shoe in to make the playoffs because the tie breaker will come down to points

GriffinFan has the longest shot at making the playoffs. He needs to win AND Drew to lose AND donkey to lose.

Ulf and Puck have both been eliminated from the playoffs

Those are how I see the scenarios. Its possible I fucked it up, so don't hold me to it. (but I don't think I did)

And now a peak at this week's all important matchups.

ViolentMike (147.06) vs Kevin (135.8) - We got $25 on this matchup, and $50 on regular season total points, which I lead by about 30 right now. Good luck!

GriffinFan (121.17) vs Joben (124.75) - A big game for Joben if he wants the bye and GriffinFan is in desperation mode.

Deuce (124.09) vs donkey (108.94) - Looks like Deuce's team has awaken just in time to try and ruin some people's playoff hopes.

Buster (133.63) vs Puck (130.49) - Big game for Buster as he eyes the bye

DetroitDrew (136.67) vs Shivan (133.37) - I will be watching this matchup just as closely as my own. Tons of playoff implications in this matchup

Ulf (123.73) vs BJ (142.93) - Can Ulf end the season on a high note? Nah, I didn't think so.

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