Attention Fantasy MMAers - want to win a UFC trip? Join the new season of FantasyMMAWorld!

Hey guys - as I have previously mentioned before, I am a friend of Brian Hemminger's, and am here to let you guys know about my UFC fantasy league. A couple of you guys have already been active participants, but we are always looking for more players! Without further ado, here's what we offer.

Main Contest -

1. Each seasons lasts for 3 months and costs $21.50 to get in. We only participate in UFC cards (this will change over time).

2. For each card, you predict 1) the winner, 2) the method, and 3) the round the fight will end in. Points are as follows.

Main event - 6 winner/3 method/3 round.
Main Card - 4/2/2
Prelims - 2/1/1
Hot fight (prelim with the closest betting odds) - 4/2/2

3. You also predict the Fight, Submission, and KO of the night bonuses. For each correct prediction, you get 4 points, with 4 additional points awarded for correctly predicting all 3. Lastly, you also predict the "fastest finish", with 4 points awarded for being correct.

4. At the end of the 3 month season, the person with the most points gets 2 UFC tickets, including one night's hotel and airfare. There are other great prizes both for finishing at the top of the overall standings as well as on an individual card by card basis.

Side Contests:

We currently offer 3 side contests, all of which are free with your entry into the main contest:

1) The Battle for Bloodshed - you pick a team of losers and weight them accoding to how quickly you believe they will get beat. This is a weekly game with prizes awarded from our sponsors!

2) The Bracket Brawl - this is an NCAA bracket style 1 on 1 tournament with the winner receiving a great prize. This season's winner received a pair of autographed Josh Neer fight gloves!

3) The Method of Madness - our first ever team game! A great strategy game that will test even the strongest of Fantasy MMA'ers abilities.

In conclusion, we've been around for a year now, and season 5 starts January 1st. I'd love for more of the guys on MMAMania to take part. I am confident that the current MMAMania players will attest that our league is a lot of fun. If you are interested, check us out at Thanks for listening guys.


Dave Fenichel

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