Ricky Hatton vs Vyacheslav Senchenko live results and fight updates from Manchester on Showtime

Clive Brunskill

British boxing star Ricky Hatton ends his three-year layoff tonight (Sat., Nov. 24, 2012) against former WBA title-holder Vyacheslav Senchenko. MMAmania.com will provide live round-by-round updates below, starting at 2 p.m. ET from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Good afternoon, Maniacs.

For those in the land of Europe, and the enterprising amongst us here in the western hemisphere, there's going to be a ton of boxing action today (Nov. 24, 2012) from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. Starting LIVE at 2 p.m. ET, the under card of the Ricky Hatton vs. Vyacheslav Senchenko boxing match will boast four solid bouts slated for action.

For background information and a primer on the two main event stars of the evening, be sure to check out the preview of tonight's bout here.

The card will air live in both the United States and United Kingdom (U.K.). The U.K. coverage on Primetime PPV starts at 2 p.m. ET, while Showtime will air the main event live at 5 p.m. ET in the United States. We strongly suggest you take a break from the leftover turkey and shopping and watch large-gloved pugilists punch the hell out of each other.

Here we go (Results will go from bottom-to-top; therefore, scroll down for the latest updates):

MAIN EVENT: Ricky Hatton vs Vyacheslav Senchenko: Vyacheslav Senchenko wins via KO (body shot) at 2:45 of rd 9

Round 1 - About time. Crowd is hyped up, and shockingly (ok, not really) it's all for Hitman. Senchenko in the gold trunks, Hatton in the old-school length light blue shorts. Senchenko is letting Hatton get in on him, which is certainly what the smaller fighter wants. There's a solid jab for the Ukranian. Nice right from Hatton with about a minute left. Hatton misses some power shots and Senchenko lands a solid right. Good start for Hatton, overall. 10-9 Hatton
Round 2 - Hatton with a body lock into the ropes and the ref breaks them. Hatton misses an overhand and a hook. Senchenko with the footwork, trying to keep Hatton at bay. Hatton's snaps back from a jab. Right uppercut from Hatton and he presses Senchenko into the corner. Senchenko lands a solid cross. Not bad from either man here, honestly. Hatton hasn't fought in 3+ years and it shows, as his timing and distance is a bit off, but not awful. Senchenko lands a lead. Hatton still pushing forward, nothing solid from either fighter. If this were two random dudes in a neutral site, I'd say Senchenko's round, but Hatton will get this 10-9. 20-18 overall.
Round 3 - Solid left hook from Hatton, but mostly an arm punch. Hatton landing with the left a few times, backing Senchenko into the ropes. Senchenko eats three and goes full Nick Diaz, holding out his arms. Hatton lands another left for good measure as Senchenko was backing up that makes the Ukranian lose his balance for a split second. Hatton is hitting with his left hook repeatedly, which makes Senchenko smile, but scores for the Brit. BIG jab from Senchenko that sends Hatton's head rocketing back. Good left from Senchenko near the end, still Hatton's round 30-27 now.
Round 4 - Nice right from Senchenko to Hatton's jaw, but he ate it well. Hatton misses a hook. Senchenko with a headlock and the ref breaks it. Solid lead right from Hatton and he follows it up with a left. And a repeat as he lands almost the exact same two shots. Hatton 10-9 40-36
Round 5 - If Hatton lands that straight right some more, he might be able to drop what appears to be a very durable Senchenko. Hatton's missing with hooks, but backing up Senchenko constantly. Senchenko isn't able to use his length effectively here at all. Missed uppercut lead for Hatton, and someone's banging a drum in the background. Left lands for Hatton who keeps pressuring. Close round, but still Hatton's. 50-45 Hatton so far.
Round 6 - Right to the body for Senchenko and a 1-2 partially blocked. Hatton with a wild left that he nearly falls over from. Straight left jab from Senchenko stops Hatton in his tracks for a second. Hatton missing a lot here. They trade jabs with 40 seconds left as Hatton looks a bit slower here. Hatton pushes them into the ropes twice. Why not, Senchenko 10-9, 59-55.
Round 7 - Body blow for Senchenko. Hatton bulling Senchenko into the ropes. Exchange of jabs and a nice short hook for Senchenko. Slight cut under the left eye of Senchenko. Jab for Senchenko and an uppercut for Hatton in the clinch. Hatton closes the range and hits a right. Hatton to the body, then the head both with the left at the 20 second mark. Senchenko hits a jab to end it, but I'd say Hatton's round, as Senchenko didn't do a lot and looks to be tiring. Close round, but I'll say the Brit 10-9. 69-64
Round 8 - Hatton with a left hook off his back foot. Senchenko with a right. Jab for Hatton lands on the nose. Senchenko misses a hook, and they hug it out for a minute. Jab and a body blow for Senchenko, right to the head for Hatton. Hatton misses a wild hook again, while Senchenko lands one a few seconds later. And another haymaker right. Hatton looking tired now. Not really sure who wins this, but I'll go with Senchenko 10-9. 78-74
Round 9 - Remember, only ten rounds for this fight, so things are winding down here. Senchenko with rights in the clinch. Sloppy takedown that was mostly Hatton's fault. They pause to cut off loose tape from Hatton's wrist. Good left from Hatton, but Senchenko is unfazed. Senchenko just clips a right as Hatton swings wild again. Jab for Hatton. Jumping left hook is blocked by Senchenko. Continuous clinching. OH, huge liver shot knocks Hatton down! And he doesn't make the 10-count! Out of nowhere, Senchenko has KO'd Ricky Hatton!

Vyacheslav Senchenko wins by KO (liver shot)


Martin Murray vs Jorge Navarro: Martin Murray wins via TKO (corner stoppage) at 1:58 of rd 6

Round 1 - The British announcer mangles poor Jorge Navarro's name as "Horgay". Murray in the red and white trunks (and sleeve tattoo) (and he's white). Even the commentators don't know much about Navarro who's in the blue trunks with a couple of patches on them (and is black). Straight right from Murray clips Navarro as he's leaning back. Murray hits a jab, but backs up to the closing Navarro. Navarro with a hook, jab for Murray. Navarro missing power punches. They both miss power punches, a big right from Murray and an uppercut from Navarro. Murray lands a clean right to the jaw with about 20 seconds in that drops Navarro. 8-count. Murray firing to the bell. 10-8 Murray.
Round 2 - Navarro being aggressive, but Murray is landing quicker punches. One of the commentator mentions the low lead left of Navarro, and as if on cue, he raises it up a bit. Murray looking for his spots rather than swarming. Navarro backs him up again, but keeps getting out footworked by Murray. Navarro lands a clean body shot near the end of the round. 10-9 Murray, but much closer. 20-17
Round 3 - More of the same, as Navarro is trying to make up for his technical flaws and rawness with coming forward. Murray has been landing cleaner and making Navarro miss much of the time. Murray went for a big shot and Navarro slips it. Nothing really landed hard and clean this round. I'll even give this one to Navarro 10-9 for volume. 29-27 so far.
Round 4 - Cautious, center of the ring boxing from both men, here. Murray looks mostly unconcerned with Navarro. Murray looks like he's just waiting for something to happen, or he has nothing to do tonight and wants to stay in the ring. With about 30 seconds left, Murray turns it up a bit, not nothing hit flush. Murray sits on the ropes, eating what seems to be ineffectual punches from Navarro. Meh? 10-9 Navarro? Sure why not. 38-37 Murray so far.
Round 5 - Murray lands about 4 in a row in center ring. Navarro with a winging hook. Navarro with a pair of jabs and a nice counter right. Murray ole's Navarro as he comes forward and Navarro dips through the ropes. Murray landing big shots in a flurry in center ring. Easy Murray round here. 48-46.
Round 6 - More of the same so far. Winging punches from Navarro and solid counters from Murray. Ah, here we go. Murray hits a great right hand and Navarro goes to the canvas. Navarro gets up somewhat reluctantly. Murray comes in hard, firing at Navarro, landing multiples times and the ref stops it just as his corner throws in the towel.

Martin Murray wins via TKO


Scott Quigg vs Rendall Munroe: Scott Quigg wins via TKO (body blows) at 2:37 of rd 6

Round 1 - Munroe's in the wildly colored shorts. Flags of England and Jamaica on the front, a neon sky blue on the back. Quigg in the black trunks with gold trim. Their first fight ended early on a controversial cut. Munroe with the better round so far. A good right lands, Quigg fires back. Close round, but I'll guess Munroe 10-9 for looking a bit more accurate with his shots.
Round 2 - Quigg with a couple of good body shots. Munroe swings wide. Quigg with a jab and Munroe lands a cross. Quigg hits a few more shots to the rib cage. Quigg hits a jab and Munroe fires back a 1-2. Quigg 10-9, 19-19
Round 3 - Quigg is uh... outquicking Munroe here, pardon the pun. Quigg keeps landing solid left hooks to the liver. Munroe's double jab lands on Quigg's arms. Munroe lands a few winging punches on a ducking Quigg, as they show a sparse, but filling up crowd. Quigg's 10-9 round on accuracy and volume. 29-28 Quigg
Round 4 - Quigg working the body again. Munroe being patient, perhaps even slow. Quigg is going in and out while Munroe is throwing mostly arm punches at Quigg's head. Lot's of 2s and 3s from Munroe, not too many jabs. Quigg's output slows down that last minute. I think Quigg's round again. 39-37 so far.
Round 5 - Munroe looking a little better to start this round, perhaps going on the momentum of the end of the last round. Landing the shots cleaner and quicker. Quigg with a nice left as he slips off in that direction too. Quigg hits a looping body shot that looks to land close to the back. Munroe complains a bit to the ref, but nothing comes of it. Quigg with a nice 1-2 that lands solid. Much closer round than some of the previous. Just to be ornery, I'll go 10-9 Munroe, even though I think Quigg will get the round on the judges cards, in part due to the home crowd. 48-47 Quigg.
Round 6 - Munroe coming forward, but Quigg is doing an admirable job of circling and throwing tight punches. He keeps landing body shots and circling out of danger from the counters of Munroe. Wow, Quigg just landed a huge liver shot and Munroe takes a knee for an 8-count. Crowd is fired up and they re-engage. Quigg to the liver again and followed up with a left hook. Right to the body cinches it as Munroe goes down again. The ref stops it!

Munroe wins TKO, body blows.


Stephen Foster Jr. vs Gary Buckland: Gary Buckland wins via TKO end of round 8. Corner stoppage.

Round 1 - The "sometimes very classy Stephen Foster Jr" in the blue/white trunks, Buckland in the Welsh flag/UK flag shorts. Buckland being the more aggressive one off the start, backing Foster up and firing often. Foster picking his shots a bit, countering. Foster rips a bunch of body shots off to get out of a corner. 10-9 Buckland on volume.
Round 2 - Still always strange watching boxing after so much MMA. Every time they duck down, I keep wanting them to throw knees. Ref lectures them a bit after a clash of heads that seemed unintentional. Foster backs Buckland into the ropes and gets a nice 5-punch combo, almost all of which that land. Buckland lands a bit, Foster lands back. Nice slip from Buckland, and some in-fighting to close the round. I'll say 10-9 Buckland again, but a much closer round.
Round 3 - Yet more aggression from Buckland. Commentators keep mentioning that Foster may want to use his slight reach advantage to jab and keep it outside, rather than brawl inside with Buckland. Foster with a nice left, Buckland fires back, but a lot of the punches get blocked. Another close round. I'll go with 10-9 Buckland again.
Round 4 - Foster is landing harder, but Buckland is landing at volume. Think Nick Diaz vs Cyborg Santos. Foster with a backhand slap, that isn't allowed in boxing. Ref wags the proverbial finger at him, but does nothing, as Foster realizes that wasn't kosher. They land simultaneous lefts to close the round. I'll go with Foster 10-9 because why not. 39-37 Buckland so far.
Round 5 - Buckland closes the distance with a lead hook that Foster ducks and they clinch again. Foster hits a jab that snaps Buckland’s head back. Good body shots from both. Commentators try and run a metaphor of boxing being compared to Chutes and Ladders. Hard to score this round because of the clinching. I'll give it to Buckland again on volume, but whatever. 49-46 Buckland so far.
Round 6 - Buckland lands some good body blows, one of which was borderline low. Buckland with a double jab into a clinch again. Foster to the body, but every two punches he lands, Buckland lands three. They both miss uppercuts, Buckland hits a couple shots to the liver. They clash heads and Foster's bleeding near the hairline. They pause for a brief second before the ref just has them start again without anyone looking at the cut. Yet again, a close round. I'll guess Buckland by outpointing again 10-9. 59-55 overall.
Round 7 - Foster coming out more aggressive. Ref pauses it again to wipe off some excess vaseline. Buckland backs Foster into a corner and wings away to the body and head before Foster punches his way out. Bickland lands an uppercut in the clinch and Foster retaliates by punching the mouthpiece out of Foster. The ref rinses it off and back they go. Good shot from Foster near the end of the round, Buckland throws like, 8 punches and misses them all and they clinch to close it out. Foster 10-9, 68-65 Buckland so far.
Round 8 - They show Hatton entering the arena with a band playing. Oy. Back to action. Foster keeps getting backed up. Mostly ineffective clinching and some body shots. Buckland’s mouthpiece falls out again. Foster throws a 3-piece but doesn’t land them. Buckland fires off some hard punches, landing a couple while Foster doesn’t answer. Right to the body from Foster, but Buckland seems to be tiring out Foster. 10-9 Buckland, 78-74.

That was an unexpected TKO win for Buckland, Foster quit in between rounds.


Sergey Rabchenko vs Cedric Vitu:

Whoops. They decided to not televise this match. Rabchenko won a split decision over Vitu before TV went live. Boxing News had it 115-113 for Rabchenko.


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