MMAmania FFB Week 11 Recap, Week 12 Preview and Pre-Thanksgiving Hangout

Alright, week 11 of the NFL season is in the books, and all of the bye weeks are behind us now. Only two weeks remain in the FFB season, so if you are near the bottom of the standings, you better start making a move. Please note that I said "near" the bottom and not at the bottom. Deuce. Ulf. You two have been eliminated from the playoff race, but please do continue to set your lineups for the integrity of the league, and also because you don't want to be end the season in last place. Whether or not the last place team gets bounced from the league to make room for some new blood has yet to be decided. It will depend on how many return next season. If a few people aren't returning, there is no need to kick someone out. And since we are on this topic, next year I am very tempted to cut some of the dead weight, ie the people that never post in the fan post, to make room for some of the newer posters that will be active in the fan posts. This is still a very fun league, but you have to admit, its not like it used to be.

Now, on to week 11's top performers. The Texans defense forgot to show up against the Jaguars and their 2nd string QB and got lit up forcing their offense to have to play from behind which they haven't had to do much if at all this season. When this happens, Andre Johnson reminds just how beastly he is. Just look at how many of the top 5 performers came from this one game. If you don't watch much football and don't know what teams people are on, the answer would be 4.

1. Andre Johnson, 50.30, Joben

2. Matt Schaub, 44.57, Joben's bench

3. Justin Blackmon 39.60, FA picked up by Drew off waivers this morning

4. RG3, 39.07, Buster Bluth

5. Chad Henne, 36.50, FA

Next up, last week's matchups. This is what happened.


ViolentMike - 142.87

Shivan - 91.30

Shivan wanted to run his mouth his inaugural season, so I slapped him in the face, hard, both times we played. Send that $20 over the same way you did last time, please. But that looks to be the least of your worries as Kevin is now dangerously close to you in the regular season points total bet you have. For my team this week, the ginger boy came thru! Picked up Andy Dalton on Eli's bye week, he puts up 27 points and you know what? I'm starting him over Eli this week. The red rocket is prepared for blast off!! (I can only say that in a fan post, saying that on the main page would be interpreted completely different). Randall Cobb pitched in 24 which offset Maclin's goose egg. I hate everything to do with the Eagles, except Shady. He seems like a cool cat. As for Shiv, he went all Kevin up in here and started Danny Woodhead. For this, he was rewarded with zero points. Cool prize. Young Tits (or Titus Young as he's more commonly known) left with an injury after scoring only 3.4 points.


GriffinFan - 122.60

Ulf Murphy - 107.90

GriffinFan's entire team sans one player sucked. His running backs combined for 4.20 points. DeSean Jackson put up 2.5 But he was able to win this game for two reasons. New England's Def and The Gronk. However, this win is bitter sweet as Bellichick left Gronk in there on an extra point with 4 mins to go in the 4th qrt while up 40 points. Wat. Why the fuck is Gronk even in there on ANY extra point??? That is just awful. Didn't the Patriots learn that they cant win a Super Bowl with out a healthy Gronk last year? As for Ulf's team, I see nothing to even talk about.


DetroitDrew - 135.07

Deuce - 130.63

For Drew, Stafford and Julio both had subpar games, but Richardson, LaFell and Reece were able to keep the boat afloat. As for Deuce, all he can do is point his finger at his WR's. T.Y. Hilton was spectacular at put up 28 points. Great start, Deuce. But his stud WR Larry Fitzgerald only scored 2.1 and Dwayne Bowe laid a goose egg.


Buster Bluth - 161.37

BJPennFan - 107.80

Buster ain't about to let BJ run away with the regular season points title just yet. RG3 was able to lead his team once again, this team with nearly 40 points. Buster's 3 WR's all underperformed - Wallace, Marshall and Moore, but Dez his his flex list it up with 32.5 As for BJ, his team pretty much sucked dick this week. Was projecting 150 and scored 107. Only 3 players barely reached their projections, one of which, was his kicker.


Kevin - 120.87

donkeypunch - 76.03

Kevin's team didn't do anything special, but he was playing the retarded donkey so he won handily. His team was lead by Vincent Jackson's 23.40 points which all seemed to come late in the 4th qtr and in overtime. As for donkey, Matt Ryan has been leading his team all season. This week? He once again throws for over 300 yards, however he also threw 5 INT's and ended up with -5.27 which is the lowest score I've ever seen.


Joben - 152.53

Puck Head - 123.30

Despite leaving a 44 points performance for Schaub on his bench, Andre Johnson's 50 spot and Tom Brady's 30 were enough to be Puck. Joben can't rely on monster games each week and needs the rest of his squad to step up. He had 6 players in single digits. As for Puck, meh. Can't say much. Megatron and VD each put up over 20.


Now that we got last week out of the say, here are the current standings:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Div Pts For Pts Against Streak Waiver Moves
Division 1
2. Shiv 7-4-0 .636 4-3-0 1467.80 1434.07 L-1 11 27
4. donkeypunch 6-4-1 .591 2-4-1 1311.30 1264.12 L-1 9 20
6. DetroitDrew1980 6-5-0 .545 4-3-0 1434.24 1480.37 W-4 8 35
7. ViolentMike 6-5-0 .545 5-2-0 1426.70 1428.57 W-1 12 28
8. Mania's Pete Rose 5-5-1 .500 3-3-1 1440.47 1471.65 W-2 5 13
12. Deuce02 3-8-0 .273 2-5-0 1239.07 1367.24 L-3 2 5
Division 2
1. Joben 8-3-0 .727 6-1-0 1401.65 1313.27 W-6 10 18
3. BJPennfan 7-4-0 .636 4-3-0 1570.56 1415.34 L-1 1 10
5. Buster Bluth 6-5-0 .545 5-2-0 1552.52 1440.96 W-1 7 16
9. GriffinFan05 5-6-0 .455 4-3-0 1370.06 1387.67 W-1 6 12
10. Puck Head 3-8-0 .273 1-6-0 1360.97 1492.89 L-2 4 9
11. Ulf Murphy 3-8-0 .273 1-6-0 1312.26 1391.45 L-2 3 14

Can Shivan hang on to the bye?

Can donkey punch and his shitty team with a lucky schedule hold onto a playoff spot?

Looks like only me or Drew (two post season regulars) will make it into the playoff this year. Big heads up matchup this week!

Kevin although on the outside looking in on the playoff race has a lot to play for. We have our heads up bet for week 13 and he also has regular season points bets with me and Shivan. Here's to hoping the Giants break Aaron Rodger's leg on Sunday!

As stated in the intro, Deuce and Ulf suck. And so does Puck.

Can Joben hold off the top two teams (BJ and Buster) in the league and get the bye?

I do not know that answer to all of those questions, but this week's matchups will play a giant factor in determining the answers.

Projected scores in (parenthesis)

ViolentMike (145.65) vs DetroitDrew (133.75) - Big playoff implications in this matchup

GriffinFan (117.5) vs BJ (141.58) - Looks like an easy win for Beej.

Kevin (134.48) vs Deuce (120.21) - Who will win this love-fest?

Buster (143.49) vs Joben (113.06) - If Buster wants any sort of hope at the bye, he must win.

Shivan (124) vs donkeypunch (130.53) - Two teams ahead of me in the standings and one has to lose.

Ulf (122.93) vs Puck Head (132.24) - The battle for last.

Now that we got the FFB stuff out of the way, I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.





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