Robert Drysdale: 'Arrogant' and 'idiot' Anderson Silva wants Georges St. Pierre fight, not Jon Jones, because of size advantage

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Consider the floodgates open. Despite many clamoring to see Anderson Silva take on Georges St. Pierre, there are just as many people saying the "super fight" between the two UFC champions would be a huge mismatch. See why jiu-jitsu ace Robert Drysdale feels the same way -- and why he doesn't think much of Silva as a person.

Tell us how you really feel, Bob.

Robert Drysdale knows a thing or two about the mixed martial arts (MMA) fight game. Undefeated (5-0) as a pro, the self proclaimed "beginner and blue belt in MMA" is perhaps better known for his all-around badassery in the grappling world.

He's a two-time Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) medalist, multi-time world jiu-jitsu champion and has more than 40 first place medals in countless grappling tournaments around the world, aside from all his second and third place finishes. He is also the mastermind behind the ground game to many top Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contenders and former champions such as Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin.

Regardless of his lack of actual cage time, those are pretty darn good credentials from the Brazilian-jiu-jitsu wizard that have earned him respect from the MMA community.

Robert, like any other person, is allowed to voice his opinion and when it comes to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, well, let's just say Drysdale doesn't think much of "The Spider" as a person.

Speaking to, Robert says though Silva is a "phenomenal" fighter, as a person, he is as "arrogant" as they come:

"I think he's phenomenal man. I think he is phenomenal. I just think he's got an attitude man. Yeah. He's great, he's a phenomenal striker, unbelievable man. I keep saying that. He's really that good. But, I don't think much of the guy just because of his attitude. I don't think much of him as a person. I think he's incredibly arrogant and I just don't look up to people like that, I don't care how skilled you are. I really don't. To me, it's like, 'Alright, you're skilled, but you're an idiot.' So, whatever. I don't think that much of the guy as a person."

Chiming in on the much-publicized "super fight' between UFC welterweight champion and Silva, Drysdale believes the only reason Anderson wants the bout is because he knows he can beat "Rush" due to his size.

A fight against light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, however, is a whole different ball game, and according to Drysdale, Silva recognizes that:

"I would like to see him and Jon Jones, man. I think that would be a hard pick. Him and GSP, I think he would have an edge on [him] because he's going to be so much bigger, so much taller. Because he walks around 220-something from what I hear. Him and Jon Jones would be a better match and fun to watch. He knows that he can beat GSP because of the length. His (Silva's) wrestling has improved a lot from preparing for Chael Sonnen. But, that would be GSP's best bet and even so, he wouldn't be much better than Anderson on the ground. Jon Jones, it's a different ball game, he's longer than Anderson Silva and he's a better wrestler. Yeah, he (Silva) knows that."

Let's see, that's now at least six major prominent figures in the fight game that believe Silva is picking on the much smaller man. With Freddie Roach, Tito Ortiz, Martin Kampmann, Cesar Gracie and Firas Zahabi sharing Robert's sentiments.

How about you?

Perhaps if more and more people keep speaking up about the obvious size disadvantage, St. Pierre will probably be more apt to decline a bout against the Brazilian bomber. And Dana White's negotiation skills will have to go up another notch if he ever hopes to make this dream fight a reality.

That is, unless, Silva can drop all the way down to welterweight and make it a "fair" fight.

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