Sam Stout 'disappointed' because John Makdessi was ‘running away' at UFC 154


Sam Stout was defeated by betting underdog John Makdessi at UFC 154 in a fight that was much less exciting than Stout expected. "Hands of Stone" was disappointed in the way "The Bull" fought, find out why below.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight Sam Stout is not happy with the game plan John Makdessi implemented at UFC 154 last Saturday night (Nov. 17, 2012) in Montreal.

Stout, who lost a unanimous decision to Makdessi on the preliminary portion of the card, feels Makdessi didn't come to fight at the Bell Centre, but rather to fight cautiously.

"He wasn't fighting," Stout told moments after his defeat. "He was running the whole time. I wanted to fight, I came to fight and I didn't get the fight I wanted."

Coming into the lightweight contest, people questioned why Stout, a fighter coming off a win, was paired up against Makdessi, a fighter coming off two losses.

The most logical answer is because both men are very talented strikers and on paper, the match up looked like it could be ‘Fight of the Night' or end in highlight reel fashion.

Unfortunately for Stout, the bout didn't produce the fireworks he anticipated and it resulted in the second loss in his past three fights, a result that obviously puts the Canadian in a somber mood.

"I usually like to come out and put on an exciting fight and it takes two guys to do that, to do those kinds of fights," Stout explained. "And you know John, he ran, he kept on moving the whole time and I was expecting him to fight me a little more."

"He never really hurt me, obviously I have some superficial damage and my lips are little swollen but yeah, it's just a disappointing experience, it's not the end of the world, you know, I'll fight another day but, yeah, I guess that's the best word to describe how I feel -- disappointed."

At the end of the day, winning is what comes first in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Despite being upset with how Makdessi chose to fight, Stout gave his opponent credit for mixing up his strategy. And even though he says he wasn't hurt at any point in the fight, "Hands of Stone" admits he was somewhat taken off guard by the way Makdessi fought.

"All the other fights of John's we watched, he pressed forward the whole time, so we were looking to get in his face and get in a fight," Stout said. "I'll give him credit, he kind of did that to me. He, you know, ran and ran and ran and then timed when he wanted to land a jab and wasn't -- he didn't really do anything that I thought was very, nothing devastating. A couple jabs in the face, nothing that really hurt me. You know, obviously I got a little lumped up, but yeah."

With the loss, Stout's record in the UFC dropped to an even 7-7. A defeat inside the Octagon is nothing new to the Ontario native, however, with six post-fight bonuses under his belt, Stout has become accustomed to delivering exciting fights -- win or lose.

It didn't happen this time around and even though he is "disappointed" with how the fight played out, Stout is even more let down by the fact he couldn't give those in attendance and watching at home the fight they wanted to see.

"It takes two to fight and make an exciting fight. I'm disappointed that it wasn't and you know, I wanted better for the fans."

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