The Walking Dead: Episode 6 recap and discussion (with episode 7 clip)


Photo by Gene Page for

You go Merle!

I liked last night's episode of The Walking Dead. But goddamn it, I hate when stupid shit happens, like when Glen and Magpie have the bead on Merle and he still manages to unholster a firearm tucked in his ass pocket and send them running.


The ghost phone was a nice angle and I think it played out well, not too over-the-top. Rick is doing a better job of acting, graduating from his usual "lean forward and make a mean face when I say something authoritative" approach. Cool Lori, bro.

And I told you Carol wasn't dead.

Neither was the Gov'nor's little gopher, who burrowed into Andrea's mound last night. Glad to see she's shacking up with a redneck Ming while her former gal pal is getting to the prison -- on foot -- because she dressed in zombie entrails.

Her reveal was done well.

I hope when she gets inside the fence on episode seven, Rick asks her to be the group's navigator, since she found the prison in about eight hours when it took him and the rest of the Apple Dumpling Gang eight months.

That's all from me for this week. What did you think of last night's show?

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