'Coming for You:' UFC's The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 episode 10 results recap

Two quarterfinal match ups down, two to go, as The Ultimate Fighter season 16 draws closer to the end of the long and arduous road that has been traveled thus far.

It's almost over.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 continued on the course to find a Welterweight worthy of a trophy and a "six-figure" Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contract, as episode 10 came, went and kicked two more contestants to the mixed martial arts (MMA) curb.

In this episode, "Coming for You," viewers were punished with treated to double the fun, as there were two fights instead of the usual one.

But, before the cage door shut and the action began, the editing crew reminded fans that Canadians Mike Ricci and Michael Hill will be fighting each other, they used to be friends, and they're not friends anymore.

Got it.

Also, Julian Lane shed nary a tear and, thankfully, he did not bang (or attempt to bang) anyone.

In the first fight of the night, teammates (and roommates) Bristol Marunde and Neil Magny squared off for the opportunity to move on to the semifinals.

It was everything as advertised, as two fighters who trained together, slept in the same room together, and generally got along very well together engaged in a back-and-forth, two round scramble that ended up being very ugly.

Don't get me wrong, they both fought hard and left it all in the cage, it just wasn't very exciting.

Ultimately, Magny was the better man, edging Marunde out in the significant strike category, and it showed on the judges' scorecard, resulting in a unanimous 20-18 victory.

Next, Igor Araujo of Team Carwin took on Colton Smith of Team Nelson. But, before they could even get into the Octagon, shenanigans abounded at the weigh ins.

After some incidental headbutting, pushing and name calling, things finally were broken up and, luckily, no lives were lost in the process. (Viewers? Perhaps. But, no lives.)

The scrum further spoke volumes about what a stand up guy Carwin is, and how Nelson is conversely a low character individual, as Carwin was shown doing all he could to break up the spat and keep the fighters separated, as "Big Country" sat idly on the bleachers and egged things on.

You stay classy, Roy.

After all the volatility, Araujo proved why it's not always a good idea to bring your emotions with you into the cage, clearly exhibiting an adrenaline dump after the first minute of the fight.

At the end of the day, this fight was all about Smith's takedowns and ground game, as he absolutely dominated Iraujo at every turn.

The judges saw it that way, too, and Smith will move on, alongside Magny, into the next round of the competition.

If you missed episode 10, and you want to check out Geno Mrosko's play-by-play of the whole thing, click here.

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