Dana White confirms Ronda Rousey has signed with UFC, says she's got 'four or five' fights lined up

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

No more doubt: Dana White confirms Ronda Rousey is in fact the first woman to ever sign with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

"Yes, it's official, Ronda Rousey did sign with the UFC."

That's what Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White had to say on his recent guest spot on The Jim Rome Show (via MMA Fighting), confirming the history-making news that the former Olympic Bronze medalist had indeed put pen to paper in a landmark deal.

TMZ.com was the first to break the news a few weeks ago; however, nothing was confirmed by the fight promotion. Even Ronda herself wouldn't spill the beans when pressed for an answer, preferring to play it coy.

Unlike Miesha Tate.

The outspoken head honcho went on to explain why Rousey became the first ever female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to land the deal:

"She has the whole package. I've never been interested in women's MMA. First, there weren't enough girls to create an entire women's division. There was never... when I talk about a superstar or standout, people talk about Gina Carano and talk about all these others, I'm telling you: this girl, she's nasty. She might be beautiful on the outside, she's a Diaz brother on the inside. She's a real fighter and she's very talented. She has the credentials, the pedigree, I mean everything. And she has the 'it' factor. I think she's going to be a big superstar."

Though Ronda is the first women to ever ink a deal with the world's largest fight promotion, Dana assures everyone there will be plenty more to follow as he says Rousey has four or five good fights already lined up for the next two years:

"You can never tell how fight's are going to go, and she's got, you know, four or five good fights lined (up), you know. The next two years we've got actually really good opponents for her and it's going to be interesting. We'll see what happens. There is (enough talent) in that division. In the 135-pound division there is. These other women's division, no, there's not."

It's safe to say all the female fighters fighting in heavier divisions will now more than likely be aiming to make the cut to bantamweight for the time being, if they ever hope to compete inside the Octagon.

Sorry "Cyborg."

There you have it, folks! Now that the cat is officially out of the bag, who do you think will be her first opponent?

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