Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 results and live blog for episode 10 tonight (Nov. 16) on FX

Complete results and a running live blog for episode 10 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 on FX, featuring the beginning of the second round and all the usual madness in the TUF house.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) returns TONIGHT (Fri., Nov. 16, 2012) for episode 10 of the once great reality television show's 16th season on its loving home on the FX channel at 10 p.m. ET.

Last week's episode saw the final elimination fight in the first round with Mike Ricci taking a unanimous decision over Dom Waters. Now we move on to the quarterfinals and not one but two match-ups in this episode to keep things rolling right along.

Surely there will also be all the usual hijinks in the TUF house.

A complete live blog with full results from the show is below.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

We get right back to the new beef between Ricci and Hill. Ricci says if he's pissed that sucks but he's still going to have to "serve up that ass."

"You're all just numbers to me."

This is a real tough guy, ladies and sirs.

Hill maintains that he doesn't want to fight his boy Ricci, or at least he didn't, but now that Ricci called him out, shit's on. Other contestants in the house are egging it on, too, so that doesn't help.

"Better keep your hands up, boy, cause I'm coming for you, dude," Hill says.

Another obviously super tough guy.


Training time with Neil Magny and Bristol Marunde, who are on the same team so they have to break things up with the coaches. Both guys seem to be handling it well and the team/coaches have no real issue with the new arrangement.

We get the usual pre-fight talk about what each guy is going to do. In short, one guy is going to win the other guy is not. Blah blah.

There are two fights in this episode, so we're already seeing these guys get taped up and starting the warming up process.

Shit, here we go.


Neil Magny vs. Bristol Marunde (170-pound limit)

Round one: Marunde opens with a sweet right hand that lands clean but Magny walks right through it. And I promptly miss the rest of the round. Sorry!

Round two: Magny with a push kick and he's sticking his tongue out. Marunde walks him down and stays aggressive moving forward. A lot of pawing and not much effective striking. Straight right from Magny lands. Bristol trying to duck under and come over the top but it's not working. He's missing a lot but he's connecting just enough to look like he's winning, at least from what I've seen. Now he's on top in full guard with two minutes left. Magny manages to get back up but Marunde stays on him. Now it's Neil grabbing for a single and getting the takedown. Marunde flirts with a guillotine but once Neil gets his head out, he starts unloading. Bristol gets back up anyway and with 20 seconds left, it's anyone's round. Bristol misses a few punches and Magny gets him down for about a half second before the round ends.

Final result: Neil Magny def. Bristol Marunde via unanimous decision

Neil is super happy and everyone seems to think he has a lot of potential. Marunde is upset and down but he left it all out there.

The usual.


Time for weigh-ins for the other fight.

Igor has to strip to make 171.

Colton hits 170 no problem.

They get super close weighing in and Igor head butts Colton. They jaw, then a couple pushes, both by Igor, before a quick commercial break because we're supposed to stay hyped for this.

Coming back, Igor tries hard to get to Colton because, apparently, Colton called him a motherfucker and Igor took it literally. So he threatened to kill him, outside the cage.

Colton, super tough guy that he is, said Igor is lucky they're meeting in a cage because Igor should be scared of meeting him outside of it, bro.

He then told the camera Igor made himself looked stupid.

"Bro, are you serious?"

Yeah, bro, he should be afraid of running into all 6'0'' 170 vanilla midget pounds of you. Right. And he's the one who looks dumb.

Uh huh.


Igor Araujo vs. Colton Smith (170-pound limit)

Round one: Igor acts like he's going to rush but doesn't. Colton throws a switch kick and Igor avoids, only to come back in with his own. He uses it to set up a takedown but it was poorly executed and Smith reverses into a takedown of his own. Igor gets butterfly guard for a second and that gets Colton off him briefly. He passes to half guard and works the head while Igor tries to sweep with Nate Marquardt letting him know it's available to him. It never happens, though, and Smith just continues his domination on the mat. Igor is doing well to avoid any real danger but at this point he's probably lost the round and is working just to get to the second so he can regroup with a new strategy. Colton works a front choke then a guillotine with knees while Igor gets back to his feet with one minute to go. Smith gets him down one more time before the round ends and that was all Colton. Like, it wasn't even close.

Round two: Big kicks and punches from both guys early, then Igor throws his hands out like he's Nick Diaz and gets taken down for his trouble.That might have been the fight right there. Igor is a lot busier underneath so far in this round but Colton is in superior position once again and advancing all the time. The remainder of the round plays out just like the first did. Colton is just better in every area. Igor really wanted to make him pay after weigh-ins but he never had a chance, not really.

Final result: Colton Smith def. Igor Araujo via unanimous decision

Igor says he lost his fire. He cries about having a dream about his kids and wife hugging him and how he's nothing without them.

That does it for this one.

See you in seven, Maniacs.

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