Not conflicted, Freddie Roach willing to train Georges St. Pierre for Anderson Silva superfight

Chris Trotman

Legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach has worked with both Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre in the past. Find out what he had to say about preparing a fight strategy for the potential superfight inside.

My, how time changes things.

Just months after saying that he thinks a Georges St. Pierre vs Anderson Silva super fight would "never happen," even mentioning that the current UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is "too big" for GSP, elite boxing trainer Freddie Roach has changed his tune.

Roach currently works with St. Pierre, helping him refine his boxing technique, but he's also worked with Anderson Silva in the past when "The Spider" came to train in Roach's gym. Considering his talents as a trainer, he could provide "Rush" with an incredibly unique perspective into Silva's striking strategy.

The long-time trainer of Manny Paquiao opened up during a recent appearance on Sherdog Radio about a potential Silva vs. GSP super-fight and who's side he'd be on:

"If they did fight, I do know the style of Anderson very well. I know how he thinks a little bit. I know how he likes to lay on the ropes and how he likes to counterpunch a lot. We'd have to come up with the perfect game plan and we'd have to fight a perfect fight to win that one. There's nothing impossible in the world. ... Georges is definitely my guy and I'd train him to win that fight. We'd do the best we can, and I'll you one thing: It would be a war."

If you're wondering what Roach would be able to do to help St. Pierre prepare a strategy specifically, don't worry, he wasn't afraid to share his thoughts in that department either.

"You're setting traps up and so forth and you're trying to walk [opponents] into combinations. Really what I watch is people's habits and not their mistakes. What they do all the time, the moves they make when you throw a particular punch -- he blocks it this way or that way. Once you get the habits down of a fighter, it's pretty much something they can't stay away from or they can't not do it. Once you learn that, it's very effective of course. I don't look for mistakes because anyone can make a mistake. I look for their habits. ... It's really a lot of studying of tapes. You have to watch it over and over and over again and watch if he does it with southpaws and right-handed fighters, if he has the same habits."

While Silva is going to be in attendance this weekend at UFC 154, he's publicly stated that he has no intentions of stepping into the cage and confronting St. Pierre post-fight should "Rush" retain his welterweight title.

But if the super-fight is created, do you think an elite trainer like Roach could help provide St. Pierre with the insight he needs to be the only man to ever defeat "The Spider" inside the UFC cage?

Sound off!

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