Martin Kampmann: Georges St. Pierre vs Anderson Silva is not the ‘super fight’ to make

Esther Lin for MMAFighting

According to Martin Kampmann, a bout between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva is not the 'super fight' to make after UFC 154. 'Hitman' argues that a showdown between Silva and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is much more intriguing ... and way more super.

What do Tito Ortiz, Freddie Roach and Martin Kampmann have in common?

They all believe a contest between Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight and welterweight champions, Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre, is not the 'super fight' to make because of the fact "The Spider" is simply too big for the French-Canadian.

They all could very well be spot on with their assessments, given that Silva walks around at 215 to 220 pounds, while "Rush" probably doesn't even break the 200-pound mark on any given day.

Furthermore, Ortiz believes a showdown between heavyweight title holder Junior dos Santos and light heavyweight kingpin, Jon Jones, is a much more even fight. Kampmann, meanwhile, shares the same sentiments as just about any other mixed martial arts (MMA) fan, saying a fight between "Bones" and "The Spider" is the "super fight" to make.

In the Dane's conversation with ESPN, he declares St. Pierre would get knocked out by the Brazilian bomber:

"I think [St-Pierre] is going to get knocked out. That's my honest answer. Everything aside, I'd much rather see Anderson Silva fight Jon Jones. [Silva] is calling out the smaller guy. I'd like to see him fight Jon Jones. I think that's a much more interesting fight, and that's not just from my personal perspective. It's also from a fan's perspective."

Nevertheless, despite the "Hitman's" disapproval of a St. Pierre vs. Silva showdown, it seems the fight once thought impossible to make is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

Of course, St. Pierre still has to get passed Carlos Condit this weekend (Nov. 17, 2012) at UFC 154. Kampmann, who will also be in action at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, against fellow top-ranked contender Johny Hendricks, might be a little biased on this topic.

That's because if he beats "Big Rig" and St. Pierre topples the "Natural Born Killer," Kampmann would likely be on the outside looking in after years of hard work to climb to the top rung of the 170-pound contender ladder.

Unless, of course, UFC President Dana White hands over half of the company's stock to Silva to battle "Bones."

Good luck with that.

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