The Walking Dead: Episode 5 recap and discussion


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Episode five for season three of AMC's The Walking Dead is officially in the books, which means we now have the talking thread to discuss it.

And there's a lot to digest (har har).

I lol'd because so many of you were complaining about the recent pussification of Darryl, I can only imagine your furor over last night's coochie-coochie-coo moment with "the little ass-kicker." It's only one episode and I'm already over this baby.

All those if favor of a Spartan funeral (any cliffs in Georgia?) say "I."

Darryl also left a Cherokee rose at Carol's grave, but since we know she isn't dead, whose body did they bury in her grave? And who did they bury in Lori's grave? Can't be Lori, since Rick found her inside a walker's fat, bloated stomach.

And Rick has lost it, doing that whole Big Red One shell shock thingy.

Michonne has set herself free (kinda) and the Governor took Andrea on their first date to a filming of 1990's Pit Fighter video game. Hey look, ol' Merle, who is well over 50, can do jumping/spinning back kicks with a fifty pound mechanical arm weighing him down.


Phil's kid is a zombie and she's probably locked in a closet somewhere listening to Mozart. I know they were going for a big shock with her reveal, but I couldn't help but laugh when he was combing her hair and it got ripped out. Hair care for biters is a dying art (tee hee).

That's it for this week. Looks like we get more "formula" next week.


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