Rockhold and Le will never fight


In the "UFC on FUEL TV 6 results recap: Who is next for Cung Le?" Brian Hemminger posted this gem in the thread.

Someone mentioned this to me yesterday and I fell in love with the idea

With Strikeforce closing shop after the next event, Le should fight the winner of Luke Rockhold vs Lorenz Larkin. It’ll be the former Strikeforce middleweight champ (who vacated the title, never lost it) vs the current champ.

Fucking awesome

This is such a brilliant idea for a couple reasons and assuming Rockhold remains the Strikeforce middleweight champ after his fight with Lorenz Larkin, he's going to need a worthy and intriguing opponent for his UFC debut and who better than Cung Le?

  1. Rockhold is relatively unknown to the mainstream UFC audience and Le is the perfect person to usher him to a new audience and elevate his career to a whole new level. Now that Cung Le is an international movie star, that brings an increase in exposure and PPV buys.
  2. The opportunity to have the former Strikeforce middleweight champ and the last and final Strikeforce middleweight champ pretty much sells itself! This ^^^ is a Dana White wet dream minus you know who.
  3. This would most likely be a #1 contender fight since Rockhold would be the last person to hold onto Strikeforce middleweight belt moving forward into the UFC. Instant title shot for Rockhold or...
  4. Potentially we could get an Anderson Silva vs Cung Le retirement match for Le if he defeated Rockhold. In my opinion even at 40, Cung Le is the 2nd best striker in the division.

Eager to inception Dana White I tweeted him the idea. BANGFEST!

Lets discuss vs Former Strikeforce MW Champ vs The LAST Strikeforce MW Champ

Dana White didn't reply but Luke Rockhold did with his own classy tweet.

Cung is my boy fuck that

Cung would go on to share his sentiments, solidifying their friendship.

": Cung is my boy fuck that" that's true friends! I still want my surf lesson but not in Santa Cruz

Well there it is Maniacs these two gifted strikers will never fight because they're best buddies and train at the same gym. It might have been a silly question in retrospect but a man can dream can't he?

Seriously, I thought Le left AKA a while ago when he came in out of shape against Wanderlei. He even said that he had to train outside AKA for his fight with Rich Franklin because Javier Mendez was too busy and his name wasn't even uttered once on the last season of Fight Factory.

It's a real bummer. I kind of want Lorenz Larkin to pull off a victory just so I can see Strikeforce champ vs former Strikeforce champ in the Octagon. It could be marketed as a revenge storyline similar to JDS vs Mir! Oh a man can dream!

Would you Maniacs like to see Le vs Rockhold? If not, who should face Rockhold in his UFC debut?

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