Mania Money Pool Results: UFC on Macau (Le vs Franklin)



Wow. Just wow. Totally unexpected. The UFC went out with a bang in its debut in the Chinese market as it produced a good card. Unexpected results, wars, and a very good bevy of submissions and knock-outs for free, what can you ask for? In our own money pool, yours truly unexpectedly won the event by scoring 76 points. Let's head to the results:


Main Event:

185 lbs.: Cung Le defeats Rich Franklin via knockout at 2:17 of round one

FUEL TV Main Card (9 a.m. ET):

205 lbs.: Thiago Silva def. Stanislav Nedkov via submission (arm triangle) at 1:45 of round three
170 lbs.: Dong Hyun Kim def. Paulo Thiago via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Takanori Gomi def. Mac Danzig via split decision
155 lbs.: Jon Tuck def. Zhang Tiequan via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Takeya Mizugaki def. Jeff Hougland via unanimous decision

Facebook Preliminary Card (7:40 a.m. ET):

135 lbs.: Alex Caceres def. Motonobu Tezuka via split decision
125 lbs.: John Lineker def. Yasuhiro Urushitani via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Riki Fukuda def. Tom DeBlass via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Hyun Gyu Lim vs. David Mitchell (cancelled)

Mania1 camp:

  • I admire NNR and CDS Mid for going against the tide and picking Cung Le to win against the favorite pick to win. NNR also got the best score for the fight as he got 9 points after picking the Tekken star to win by 3rd round KO. CDSMid, meanwhile chose Le to pick up a decision. Unfortunately, NNR and CDSMid have the same chance as Derrick Rose playing in Chicago's next game than actually cracking the top 10 of the money pool.
  • 3 people went against the tide once again and picked Paulo Thiago to win against DHK. Unfortunately, lightning won't strike twice this time and we gave 0 praise to wyldeman99, Yan117 and Aussie who picked the Brazilian SWAT.
  • 26 people (84%) picked Fukuda and he did FUK DeblASS's.
  • 5 people picked Hellhound to beat Mizugaki. Come on Shiv and the rest of your crew, better study player's experiences before picking.
  • 21 people picked Lineker to beat Urushitani and that's what happened.
  • 7 people picked Nedkov to win against Silva and after 2 rounds of hanging in there, the 7 people succumbed to the arm triangle that costs 0 points.
  • Only five people picked Gomi here and the rest (21 people) were fucked by the judges.
  • Only 3 people picked the Mongolian Wolf to beat Super Saiyan. Aside from Tuck's unbearable smile, he is a good fighter as he showed in his domination of the hometown boy.
  • 5 people picked Mr. Tezuka but Bruce Leroy gave them the 0 points as he won by split decision.

The scores:

  • Yours truly won this event by scoring a camp high 76 points getting 7 out of 9 points and getting perfect scores for 5 of them including the Hot Bout. This might be the momentum I have been waiting for to crack the top 5 next event.WATCH OUT!
  • scarnon and Scottidog, my twitter buddies, won the bridesmaids award this event by scoring 6 fewer than me.
  • GSP's General Yan got the basement dweller award this event scoring a miserable 22 points getting 2/9 correct picks. Your ass is mine Yan. Here is your sig which you will wear till the next event.

Yan117, staying in a hotel in Edmonton phoned room service for some pepper.

"Black pepper, or white pepper?" asked the concierge.

"Toilette pepper!"

"I am a true Canadian because I brag to my American and international friends that Justin Bieber, Shania Twain, Celine Dion and Mike Myers are Canadians.|

The rest of the scores:

Camp Rank Points Player
1 76 Phasebook
2 70 scarnon
2 70 Scottidog
4 67 Rolandando
5 65 goldmouth
6 64 ViolentMike
6 64 kg12
6 64 thepride
6 64 unambig
6 64 Amos14
6 64 SanabriaMan
6 64 kimuralloverurface
13 60 freenow82
14 59 Jido7
15 58 Dlocc
15 58 Joben
15 58 VicDundee
15 58 letstalkmma
19 57 NNR
20 54 jayw27
20 54 Rilly
22 53 BNF
23 48 ricky-dooby
24 44 wyldeman99
25 42 Ulf_Murphy
26 37 Sombrero
27 36 ShivanTiger
27 36 ohmamadoes
29 33 CDSmid
30 31 Aussie
31 22 Yan117

Scores after 6 events:

  • BNF, kg12 and Pride still got the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for themselves.
  • goldmouth and Rolandando are still firmly holding to the 4th and 5th place respectively.
  • I am now on number 6, just 11 points away from Rolandando.
  • scarnon is the biggest gainer with 9 notches.
  • wydeman99 presented the biggest drop with 4 notches.
  • Ulf and Shivan seemed to have given up hope in this pool.
  • Ricky dooby has not been performing well.
  • NNR, dlocc and Jido also moved respectably with 6 and 5 notches respectively.

MMA Playground season 14: Fortnight of Pain
6 / 10 events complete
Rank Points Player Movement
1 394 BNF Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium
2 393 kg12 Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium
3 377 thepride Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium
4 371 goldmouth Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium
5 370 Rolandando Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium
6 359 Phasebook Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5
7 356 SanabriaMan Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
8 353 Joben Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium1
9 350 Rilly Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
10 348 ViolentMike Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium
10 348 Scottidog Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
11 346 kimuralloverurface Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
12 343 Amos14 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
13 340 unambig Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium2
14 332 wyldeman99 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium5
15 306 Jido7 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
15 306 VicDundee Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5
16 303 scarnon Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium9
17 301 NNR Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
18 297 Dlocc Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
19 295 Sombrero Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium2
20 294 Yan117 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium4
21 289 ShivanTiger Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
22 284 CDSmid Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
23 278 ricky-dooby Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
24 277 letstalkmma Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
25 276 Aussie Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
26 265 freenow82 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
26 265 Ulf_Murphy Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
27 254 jayw27 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
28 199 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
29 197 ohmamadoes Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
30 157 P-Dub Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
31 65 Agar Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3

Event Winners:

  • Event 1: SanabriaMan - 70 points
  • Event 2: Rolandando - 75 points
  • Event 3: BNF - 92 points
  • Event 4: kg12 - 65 points.
  • Event 5: wydeman99 - 93 points
  • Event 6: Phasebook - 76 points

That's a wrap Maniacs. See you next event. Please feel free to talk about anything so we create a venue to talk not just about gay stuff, which has been prevailing here nowadays in Mania.

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