Alistair Overeem thinks Junior dos Santos is afraid of him, wants title shot

Joe Scarnici

Alistair Overeem is perplexed by some of the things UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos has said and done in the past month. Find out what he'd like cleared up inside.

Alistair Overeem earned a title shot nearly a year ago when he defeated former champion Brock Lesnar via first round TKO at UFC 141 last December, sending "The Next Big Thing" back to professional wrestling.

Since then, he's made headlines, but not for the right reasons.

Overeem's planned title fight against current UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos was scratched due to an elevated testosterone ratio, which also resulted in him failing to get licensed to fight for nine months.

"The Reem" is up to reapply this December and he's got some confusion he'd like to clear up with dos Santos before he's ready to fight him, according to

"Well Junior dos Santos says all kind of things that don't really make sense. First he begged to Dana White he wanted to fight me, so as a fighter I accept such a challenge right away. Now he's saying that I don't deserve a title fight. He has to make up his mind as he's changing his story all the time. The same stuff he was saying about me going to the school of Chael Sonnen. I never made the fight between us personal and I never bad mouthed him, the only thing I said was that I think he's afraid of me which I think he still is."

It's hard to think that Overeem doesn't deserve a shot at the belt, especially with Daniel Cormier sidelined until likely mid 2013 and no other title contenders emerging from the woodwork. In fact, the former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion believes he's more than proved himself by taking a significantly more difficult road to the belt than he needed to.

"When I signed with the UFC I could of easily go for the title shot right away but I chose to fight Brock Lesnar so in no means I'm talking myself into a title shot. If the UFC wants me to fight for the title I'm available and if they decide to let me fight someone else first I'm also fine with that. I'm a fighter and I will get my chance sooner or later."

So who's side are you on, Maniacs?

Is dos Santos really afraid of Overeem? Or is "The Reem" just trying to get inside the UFC champion's head?

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