Shitload of Invicta 3, ONE FC 6, Browne vs Bigfoot thoughts/reactions

  • FIRST OFF If you haven't seen this knock out, stop whatever the fuck you're doing, and watch it below it'll have you reminiscing of the pride days,

Three pretty relevant cards went down this first week of October. Antonio Silva I believe is going to prove to be Cheick Kongo+ as a gatekeeper. Kongo drew Browne, Bigfoot finished him. WE got Asian flavors. Female flavors. IT was a solid week of a little bit of everything in the MMA world...

I'll get this out of the way for Bellator. Brett Rogers did nothing. And if you like watching someone get AXE KICKED in the balls go peep Santos vs Prindle 2. Next week I'll be tuning in Bellator, for Eddie Alvarez's last fight.

I'll start with One FC then INVICTA then UFC. Gonna be a lot of Invicta just a heads up

  • FIRST OFF If you haven't seen this knock out, stop whatever the fuck you're doing, it'll have you reminiscing of the pride days... Gianni Subba
  • My boy Zoro absolutely fucked it. Boku should never have rocked him TWICE! I don't think pure jiu jitsu guys will ever be great strikers, they just can't take a shot in the face. The Werdum's and Maia's. Iono what it is, but fuck despite how good there striking seems to improved, it's still rocky. In my opinion Zoro would be much better as a southpaw, using a front leg push kick when ever his opponent gets close
  • Don't dance with Melvin. Aoki did what he always does against guys you expect him to beat. He easily submits them. Still don't understand why guys don't just drill takedown defence over and over again or work to get back to there feet when you know Aoki is going to do the same thing over and over again. I really want to see him against like Jim Miller, Gray Maynard, Joe Lauzon type level guys. I think he'd get wrecked by all of them except Jim Miller
  • Jens Pulver. Happy to see him get a win. I think he can still compete at a Josh Neer type level.
  • INVICTA INVICTA INVICTA. There is much to praise. I fucking love this promotion. From head to toe. Shannon Knapp as the milfy promoter with southern charm, WHO KNOWS HER SHIT! Giving talent bitches a platform to finally fight consistently and at there weight class. Free streams with no commercials as of now
  • I had my laptop on for 4.5 hours for Invicta. Yet, I was never bored. Just like the cards before fast paced, fights happened right away after each other. Damn, I hope they go far. Even got a friend of my into the card halfway thru the event. Good shit Invicta.
  • Major, major props for listening to the feedback. Replacing the last announcer. He was fucking horrendous. Joe Martinez did his thing, probably cost more than most of the fighters though.
  • There wasn't really a TERRIBLE fight, but Cat Zingano's was bordering on that if it wasn't for the beautiful lateral drop + finish
  • Three. Count it three rear naked choke finishes. I think it's safe to say fighters rather tap out to that then keep getting pounded on in mount. Yet, I don't understand why they don't just go for a hard shrimp into half guard, I mean shit you're getting punched anyways.
  • Jessica Penne is clearly the best atomweight out there. She's kind of like Zoro Moreira, but without having to face anybody with KNOCKOUT power. Those legs. oh my god those legs. I was dreamin' bout tapping out to her triangle. Mhm. Plus, that set up, sexy, sexy. Gotta try that asap.
  • Sugiyama weighed in at like 103 pounds. Penne was at least 15 pounds heavier on fight night and it showed.
  • Jessamyn Duke is a force to be reckoned with. She hasn't faced the stiffest competition, but has been exciting in both her Invicta fights.
  • FUCK! This card, so much to talk about. By the way, if you didn't catch the fights you can check out the entire card here ==> open in new tab
  • If I had a choice to start with a certain art. I would choose Catch-as-Catch Can wrassling. The Josh Barnett trained Shayna Baszler is a freak. Her ground game is so different. Twister back control, fucking crazy foot stomps, I'm surprised that didn't do more damage. Only one I can think of at 135 that can contend on the ground with Ronda. Maybe Alexis Davis.
  • I hope they can get Ronda fighting more, there's a shitload of 135 woman that want her balls. I wanna see that fight with Cyborg, but shit... I'm actually scared Cyborgs gonna crush her the way she did Gina. And you might as well call Cyborg the Lady Killa after. Fuck off Cee Lo
  • I'm so fucking sad that Kaitlin lost. She's got to be one of my favorite fighters of all time. Shit, instead of hunting for armbars and shit like that, her coaches should get her to the Michael Bisping style ground game. Limit damage, and get back to your feet. Leslie Smith, I'm impressed with your performance.
  • Barb Honchak. She's my favorite for the first Invicta 125 champion. She got it all. Striking, ground game ain't boring. Plus, she pretty fine. Work a little deep half on her anytime.
  • Iono what the fuck Tara was doing. She looked like one of your friends mom that you would shit on constantly for how ugly she is. Jesus. I heard so much talk about Tara but she looked sloppy as hell, but she's got a decent chin. She needs to stop acting like she can make 125... damn. Stop ducking Miesha, girl!
  • Vanessa Porto at 125 is dangerous. Her and Honchak the front-runners. I'd like to see them each have a fight against someone else at 125 first. Then see what's up. Or at least wait for Sheila Gaff, Rosi Sexton and others to move over first. Hate seeing champions that were champions just cause the competition wasn't at the highest yet. Like early WEC champ, Chase Beebe, or Dave Menne, who get to call themselves "The first ____ champ".
  • What I mean is don't crown a champ just for the sake of crowning a champ. Have them mean something. Like the Atomweight title made perfect sense. The consensus number 1 vs number 2.
  • The Waterson decision was absolutely the right call.
  • Easy nights for Budd and Esparza, who was lookin' fine as hell in that singlet and Princess Leia kinda gear at the weigh ins.
  • Now, on to Budd. I can't be the only one that's looking at her A-cup clevage, can I? Girl, just keep that shit in your sports bra. We don't needa see your boobs scrunched to the absolute maximum to see that itty bitty titty flesh.
  • @badmofo_jojo aka Joanna Calderwood. After this fight, I knew why they call her BADMOFO. She broke Cummins' eye bones or some shit on the first punch she landed. And landed the first ever (at least first for me) Walk-off body shot knock out. A beautiful fadeaway left hook had "Smashley" moving back then a jab to get her thinking about her head. Then bam, switch stance left knee to the liver/solar plexus.
  • And don't get me started on her angelic Scottish accent. lawwwwd. I'd let her give me blue balls. Her teeths a little fucked, but it's all good, adds to her innocent charm. She's a serial killer, I'm pretty sure.
  • Stephanie Frausto. Sherdog, you guys are fucked up. I'm pretty sure Zoila, her older sister, only has the "Gurgel" added to her name cause she's married to Jorge GURGEL. Now, unless this is some incestuous polygamist thing, than that's cool. My bad. But, I'm pretty sure despite all my sick thoughts, Jorge doesn't have three ways with Zoila and Stephanie.
  • But, shiiiiit. Just picture Jorge in Zoila's open guard and Stephanie's workin' for a "north/south choke". Yummy. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.
  • FYI Stephanie > Zoila. Quick gulliotine. Thought Penne deserved sub of the night over her.
  • Fucking Ediene Gomes. You are one ugly beast. There was a photo of you with like Jessica Aguilar, Tecia Torres and some one else. No lie, thought you were a man. And, despite all that, you put a beating on my girl, Katalina Malungahu. She's my girl cause I can spell her name without looking it up. Eat me bitches.
  • Can't wait for Invicta 4, this past 3 cards, I have been very entertained. More so than UFC 152. Maybe, I just have a higher tolerance for women, but shit, I wish only good will on Invicta Fighting Championship.
  • Alright, on to UFC...
  • I touched on Bigfoot a little bit at the top, but I was so confident that Silva would win after the weigh ins. Against Cain during the weigh ins he gave an intense staredown but looked away, he didn't make the mistake against Browne. Showing me no fear. Against Cain he WANTED it so badly. But against Hapa he NEEDED it.
  • Fucking hate Jay Heiron's style. Mixed in with a Jake Ellenberger trying to pace himself. Meh.
  • The 1st round of Dodson actually put me about 2 mins away from sleep. I rather see cage clinching (brookins-koch style) then movement with no punches or kicks thrown. A lot of people will find his personality insufferable. I don't mind it if he puts on a better performance like against Bedford or Dilashaw, but after that, plus all those fucking flips, which I wish I could do, meh. Left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
  • I hate when fighters make excuses for a bad performance, especially when they say it's because of how good their opponent is.
  • I know it wont happen in the near future, but I hope they adopt a smaller cage for Flyweights and smaller. The Invicta cage is about the size I'm thinking. Sports always change. Hockey had bigger nets, in Football (soccer) the goalie used was allowed to pick up the ball whenever it was in his box, lowering the mound etc
  • Fast Eddie. I doubted you, completely. I think it's time I looked at that fight with Clay Harvison. The fight that made me count you out, cause my thinking was if you lose to Clay Harvison, you should not be in the UFC. I'm a little ashamed that I gave you zero chance. But, shit that Clay Harvison lost just sticks out so grotesquely, it's sickening.
  • Johnson, Pierce thank you. Thank you for not giving Aaron Simpson and Danny Castillo wins that weren't wrasslefucks. Two vicious knock outs thank you thank you! UFC better have take care of you Mike Pierce.
  • I don't understand what the flack on him being a boring fighter is. You put him against Rocha, you really think he's gonna engage a lot on the ground? Besides, that Mike Pierce has had pretty decent fights so far, Joe Silva keeps giving him wrestle boxer after wrestle boxer.
  • Fuck sometimes I agree with Rampage, Joe Silva has some fishy matchmaking. And then they cut Rocha, iono who's decision was that, but damn, I wanna see him again.
  • LeVesseur, this killed my night. I don't even understand how he made it to the UFC. And his face. It's just unsettling.
  • Christmas is a boss. He doesn't care if you think he's weird. He's just gonna be him. Sent Shane Roller into retirement HAHAH! And he got his hometown Minny crowd goin'. He's still got a overrated record/ground game, but that's alright.
  • Holy shit. Diego Nunes. I know you lyin' if you tell me you thought that was going to happen. Diego fucking Nunes fought. He fought to finish Bart. Got a little wild trying to finish it, but damn he was exciting. I bet Bartimus was as shocked as us at the pace of this fight. Clearly not getting into his own groove til round 3. This Nunes would have beat Siver. This Nunes is dangerous. You fear losing and getting stopped now.
  • Diving punches into guard are sexy. Reminds me of Pride Shogun and Fedor.
  • BC. Darren Uyenoyama. A big fan of this guy. He tries to do crazy shit, tries to be exciting, tries to finish. Crowd-pleaser. Looking forward to more Asian fighters with a more westernized mind-set on fighting. Weight cut, fighting style etc. Now I just hope Kid Yamamoto gets another fight in the UFC and wins, so that Darren won't be somewhat responsible for his departure.
  • And if anyone thinks I like Nam Phan. You best think differently.
  • Jon Anik is a shit announcer. I don't remember what it was he said. But he took a regular word and shorten it. It was some of the gayest shit I've heard for a PROFESSIONAL broadcast. If anyone read this far, and knows what I'm talking about please post it in the comments. So, I can hate on him more.
  • It was something similar to shortening "awkward" to "awks" or "parents" to "rents". And will be looking forward to UFC in MACAU... UFC on FX and Fuel have yet to disappoint.
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